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  1. kargi

    Foobar like DVD playing program

    Hi fellas, I want to enjoy my Pulse DVD on my PC with my hd650s. Is there a nice program that can play DVDs and also send digital out while bypassing Windows (like WASABI or ASAI on Foobar)?   Actually, jet player had a great sound but, for some reason picture is not right (glitching hard...
  2. kargi

    Fake Warning - Beats Headphones

    Now you can look cooler just for $83.60! Throw away your FannyWang's because this thing look extremely fantastic.  
  3. kargi

    IE7 for $5, are these fake!?

    I have an IE8, but I have heard a lot of good things about IE7 too. Might gave a shot, since the price is incredible, but I have this strange feeling they might be fake!? DealExtreme: $5.01 KM902 Noise Isolation In-Ear Earphone (3.5mm Jack/120cm Cable) or what about IE6s!? DealExtreme...