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  1. Shadowghost6

    Help me draw my dad away from the lure of Bose QC15

    Yeah, the QC15 sounds like a good choice for your father. Either that or the Sennheiser PCX450?
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  3. Shadowghost6

    Best in ears for under $50 on amazon?

    Nuforce NE-6? Available for $34 right now.
  4. Shadowghost6

    SoundMAGIC PL50 - $49.99 shipped + other SoundMAGIC products :D

    Yeah focalprice was a mess. My order sat there for like three days. After I asked about it, they told me they couldn't ship it and would refund me. Three days later they seemed confused when I asked where my refund was, and asked why I wanted to cancel. =(.
  5. Shadowghost6

    [iPhone] NuForce NE-7M vs. Sennheiser MM50 iP

    You can read through this thread: Most people report that the ones they got are genuine. With the iphone and iphone 3g, the remote clicker will work fine, but the volume control won't work. The ADDIEM remote button is far superior to the...
  6. Shadowghost6

    Looks like we maybe missed out on a good deal

    Those sold out really quickly. Like 2 hours after it was posted on Slickdeals.
  7. Shadowghost6

    [iPhone] NuForce NE-7M vs. Sennheiser MM50 iP

    I would recommend the Apple Dual Drivers over either of them. They're available for only $30-$40 on ebay. Out of those 2 I would recommend the Nuforce. You should know that a lot of people don't like the stock tips on the Nuforce, so you may have to buy tips for them.
  8. Shadowghost6

    Apple IEM - most underrated IEMs on the market

    I'm the latest ADDIEM convert. I originally ordered the new SoundMagic PL-50 from Focalprice, but they canceled my order. Paid $30 shipped on Ebay from Gamernation. They appear genuine (and if they're not, they sound fantastic for fakes). The IEMs themselves are in great condition, but the...
  9. Shadowghost6

    SoundMAGIC PL-50 released, received, reviewed!!!

    Well Focalprice cancelled my order. Dealperfect has them in stock now for $50 shipped, but I decided to spend my money on the Apple dual drivers instead. Can't beat $30 shipped from ebay.
  10. Shadowghost6

    SoundMAGIC PL-50 released, received, reviewed!!!

    WHY DID I BUY THESE?!?! I already own 3 pairs of IEMs. >_<. Damn you head-fi.
  11. Shadowghost6

    SoundMAGIC PL-50 released, received, reviewed!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by kiho i got mine for $55 and totally love it...pair it with my little dot mk1*LM4562 chip... the transformation is amazing!! improved bass,mid, treble and wider soundstage. i wonder if the transducer inside pl50 is beyerdynamic as the synergy with LM4562...
  12. Shadowghost6

    Best SQ IEM around $100

    +1 for the Apple dual driver. The mic + button is so convenient for iphone.
  13. Shadowghost6

    How do you pronounce Klipsch?

    I've always thought it was clipse, like eclipse with out the "e". Guess I was wrong.
  14. Shadowghost6

    Looking for cheap Headphones

    Focalprice sells the pl30 w/ free shipping for $20-$25 also. Slow shipping though.
  15. Shadowghost6

    Shure SCL4....not impressed so far.

    Sounds like you should stick with dynamic driver IEMs like the Sennheiser CX400.
  16. Shadowghost6

    Forced upgrade from er-6i to .......?

    For $400 you can get get pretty much anything. The top tier choices around here are the Westone UM3, Shure SE530, Sennheiser IE8, and UE 10.
  17. Shadowghost6

    Detailed IEM under $80

    The bad rep for the SCL4 is ridiculous. Nothing comes close to it for under $80, except the HF5 when it was 99 (its 150 now).
  18. Shadowghost6

    IEM for $50 to $75?

    I think there's plenty of great options in that price range besides er6i/NE7, such as the Shure scl3/4 (the 4s are sold out right now), the RE-2s, Altec Lansing im616/716, 3 etc, many of which I find superior to the NE7s.
  19. Shadowghost6

    Shure SCL4 vs Etymotic ER-6i

    I have both, so I'll post some quick comments. The E4C/SCL4 has a bit more bass and goes a bit deeper than the ER6i. It's still not enough to satisfy bassheads, but if you already liked the ER6i, you'll appreciate the extra bit of bass. The mids are fuller on the E4C, and the highs are a bit...
  20. Shadowghost6

    Help a Picky Guy Choose Some IEM's

    120 US? The er6i usually goes for around 75. And they have less bass than the Shure scl4.
  21. Shadowghost6

    Just a thank you from a budget-fi'er + a question

    Shure SCL4 at $80 is hard to beat for the price.
  22. Shadowghost6

    What are the Best Earphones for under $100?

    If the HF5 are still $99, that's probably your best bet. Otherwise, I'd probably go with the Altec Lansing im716.
  23. Shadowghost6

    alternative to my er6i

    The Altec Lansing im716 sounds like a perfect fit for you. In "bass" mode, it sounds like the er6i with much better bass. It also helps that they're really cheap. The pod is kind of annoying though.
  24. Shadowghost6

    NE-7M vs. ER6i vs. Jbuds J2 (a non-audiophile's perspective)

    I don't think anybody got foam ear tips or a shirt clip with the NE-7M. Where does it say they come with it?