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  1. Hudson

    Recommendation needed: Combo Amp/DAC for Shure IEM.

    Hello all, I've not been on here for some time so I'm a bit out of touch with whats hot or not.   I'm looking for a combo amp/dac to run my shure se215s, (plus grado sr125i and ath-es7 occasionaly).   Main reason is the phono out from my Macbook is noisy. This will be left on my desk at work...
  2. Hudson

    szekeres amp noise

    As above really. I've built the basic version of the amp and I'm getting quite a bit noise. At zero volume there's no noise but as I increase the volume pot (Rp on the original) so the noise becomes worse, untill I reach about 3 quarters volume, at which point it disappears! Any ideas...