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  1. logwed

    :D, The Pie Thread

    Since the last has been put out of commission, it's time for a pie thread. My favorites are strawberry rhubarb and pumpkin, and classic apple (though a bit dull) is always welcome.    RIP, you were gone before your time had come.
  2. logwed

    Beginning Runners

    Hey guys, I have recently (read: 2 hours ago) started running. I'm a pretty athletic guy, just graduated from HS lettering in tennis and soccer for the past couple years, and I've always had to do running for practice. However, now that I'm not on a team, I have no one to guide my running. I...
  3. logwed

    Essentially Ellington

    Anyone here that has/is currently participating in the Essentially Ellington competition? My jazz band just got the notice that we were invited to go to New York... I'm feelin' so crazy right now.
  4. logwed

    Koss Stereophones

    Perhaps this is why they've struggled to break into the high-end... Koss embezzlement may exceed $20 million - JSOnline
  5. logwed


    I'm really really sorry to start a new thread, but I'm super-excited and really happy! I got accepted into University of Minnesota (not a stretch by any means, but I'm still feeling really good)!! I'm smiling like a damned fool right now...:biggrin : Does anyone here on head-fi go there for...
  6. logwed

    Raising Impedance

    Someone please tell me if this doesn't work or doesn't make sense, but wouldn't putting a resistor between your amp and drivers eliminate current related hum by raising the resistance? (be kind, I'm only in Phys 1 and my knowledge of circuits is basic)
  7. logwed

    When you came out...

    This is kind of a multiple impressions thread. First, aimed at newbs like myself, what did you think of expensive audio equipment when you first learned about it? When did you first realize that you were an 'audiophile?' What do your friends and family think of you being an...
  8. logwed

    Ordering Mingda

    I am planning on buying a Mingda MC66-AE in the very near future. I have pretty much decided on that amp, so I don't want discussion about that. Anyway, I've narrowed my choice of vendor down to 2 primary choices, China Highend Hifi (Mingda MC66-AE) or Ornec (Knoxes?) (Meixing MingDa MC66-AE...
  9. logwed

    Prog Rock Love

    Just wanted to put something up for people to share their favorite artists/albums, preferably prog rock, but I guess prog metal. My favorite is definitely Van der Graaf Generator. Gotta love Pawn Hearts
  10. logwed

    noob help!

    I'm getting a pair of AKG k701's soon, and I was wondering what amp makes a good match for these phones. My budget is <$1000, but I can be flexible. This is mostly just for ideas, I'll try them out and see what I like after this. All ideas are welcome!