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  1. bzippy

    Meze 99 Classics Discussion + Impressions Thread

    Yes T6, for both the outside and inside of headband (6 screws per side, 12 total from what i see). Just checked with my 99 Classics. For you and anyone else who may be interested, I recently bought the Tekton 2830 small screwdriver set and it's awesome, for just $12 on Amazon. It includes 9...
  2. bzippy

    Meze 99 Classics Discussion + Impressions Thread

    +1 I tweak a little for different recordings (and sometimes even no eq), but I usually start here: 31: -1 63: -2 125: -2 250: -1 BUT I just decided to finally try the Yaxi pads that so many here seem to love, to find out for myself whether they bring the bass down at all. I'm currently...
  3. bzippy

    Monolith M1060C Closed Back Planar Headphones impressions

    Sorry you're not into them. And thanks for saying so in a way that respects the opinions of those who do like them (like me). It's so funny though, how all this turns out differently for each of us. I'm a fellow 600 lover, and know exactly what you mean about the layers, and also how the...
  4. bzippy

    Need DAP with Sennheiser HD 650

    Wow, if I'm reading the specs right that has the Sabre 9038, which I think is their flagship chip. I doubt you'd need a better DAC. What I can't tell is what kind of power the headphone amp has. So don't know how well it'll drive the 650. You may still want to look into a decent external amp...
  5. bzippy

    How do you all use your graphic EQ?

    I have a Schiit Loki on my desktop system and it's so easy for me to get great results with just 4 knobs: 20Hz, 400Hz, 2kHz, 8kHz. My HD600 needs just a little boost on the 20Hz knob and I'm happy. Hifiman Ananda, a little trim of the 8kHz knob and I get the smooth, clear top end that i love. I...
  6. bzippy

    If burn-in is a real & significant thing . . .

    Ok well that's interesting to hear. Unless I'm just not remembering, you're the first I've heard to say that. Cool -- thanks for chiming in!
  7. bzippy

    If burn-in is a real & significant thing . . .

    Wow, i didn't expect this little throwaway thought of mine to provoke such a thoughtful discussion -- awesome stuff, comrades! Funny thing is, i just had the most surprising experience today. About a week or so ago I got a new pair of Hifiman Ananda's. I really liked nearly everything about...
  8. bzippy

    If burn-in is a real & significant thing . . .

    then why is it always reported to have a desirable result? I assume some people love the sound of their new headphones right out of the box, in which case burn-in could conceivably have an undesirable effect, right? But I don't remember anyone ever reporting such a thing. Just a thought. I...
  9. bzippy

    Best Flat/Neutral Closed Back Recording/Tracking/Reference headphones under $1000?

    I assume you have tried doing some reading on recording forums? That's where I would go if i wanted truly neutral monitoring headphones. I'd guess it's a more direct path to your goal. Dunno.
  10. bzippy

    Looking for my first pair of high quality, expensive headphones for "general use" casual listening purposes

    One more 99 Classics / Noir vote here. Solid bass, and a clean, balanced tonality that leans toward relaxed but is still clear and not at all muffled. I love mine, especially for outdoors. But I'll admit that i do dial back the low end with EQ much of the time, but not always. I'm not a big...
  11. bzippy

    Recommendation on LCD2c, LCDX, hifiman ananda or arya.

    The last 2 weeks I had both the Ananda and LCD2C here to try side by side. I sent the LCD2C back and I'm keeping the Ananda. The Ananda's are a bit easier to drive but not by a huge amount. But I have fairly powerful amps on hand, so I didn't pay that much attention to this consideration...
  12. bzippy

    Need DAP with Sennheiser HD 650

    Yes I'm sure that's a very capable portable unit. That and a nice DAP would surely be a stellar portable system. But do you need it to be portable? If not then you should probably go with an AC powered desktop unit, because you'll almost always do better at the same price point going desktop...
  13. bzippy

    HD600 upgrade recommendations

    Have you gotten anywhere on this? It's funny you asked about the Aryas as I do now have the Anandas. You'll see above that I don't think the LCD2C are a good choice as a 600 upgrade. But I've had the Ananda's for about a week now and I think they could very well fit thr bill. My only gripe is a...
  14. bzippy

    The PowerAmp for Android thread

    Anyone still using Poweramp?
  15. bzippy

    most analogue/valve/tube sounding digital media player (dap)

    How about the original FiiO X3? It's very warm sounding. I have one buried in my closet somewhere. I tied to sell it here a few times but didn't get a single inquiry. So I'd be willing to let you have it for almost nothing. If you're interested let me know.
  16. bzippy

    Planars: Ok, I finally get it.

    Holy bologna, that's exactly what I'm doing now too! Modi 3, Atom, with new LCD2C's and Ananda's! I just got my RMA No. for the Audeze and will be packing them up probably tomorrow. But I'm still deciding about the Ananda, and actually really struggling. At first i thought they were the best...
  17. bzippy

    Should *all* sonic capabilities of headphones go up with price?

    Excellent responses, folks. Your thoughts helped me realize that I think I'm in a little too deep lately and I need to maybe step back a little and reevaluate some of the precepts under which I've been operating. For example, I've been allowing myself to be swayed by the often overwhelming...
  18. bzippy

    DAP with full size SD card support as digital transport

    Fair enough. I've not heard of one that takes them, I'm not half as DAP knowledgeable as most people here. I'm sure someone will give you some options.
  19. bzippy

    Poweramp - Is there a way to play over my LAN to my receiver?

    After years of running a long line level cable from my phone (through a Sabre usb DAC) to my Marantz AVR when playing Spotify, I just discovered that the AVR is able to do Spotify itself direct from network and I can use mobile devices to control it. It's really great (and it's not bluetooth...
  20. bzippy

    HD600 upgrade recommendations

    I thought i read that there's no benefit to going balanced when using AC powered amps. And it only helps battery amps. Not so? Edit: I just realized i may have inserted a landmine in your thread with this comment. I will happily delete this post if you like.
  21. bzippy

    I still can't decide on headphones. $400 or less

    Got it. Ok, well good luck amigo. Looking forward to seeing where you end up. :)
  22. bzippy

    I still can't decide on headphones. $400 or less

    I wish i had more to offer, but I've never heard anything by Fostex. Maybe there's a dedicated TRX00 impressions thread that you could ask whether anyone can directly compare to the 99C? Alternatively, I know there's a well attended 99C Impressions thread, you could ask if anyone there has...
  23. bzippy

    I still can't decide on headphones. $400 or less

    Yeah that's cool. Just had to get my vote on record. ; ) (Fyi, i edited my post to correct / add a few bits)
  24. bzippy

    I still can't decide on headphones. $400 or less

    As a long time HD600 owner and lover I really don't think you'd like them due the lack of bass. I mean I REALLY love mine, but for other reasons, and I often EQ in more low end. The 650's are supposed to have a bit more bass, but I've never heard them so can't give you any advice there. BUT...
  25. bzippy

    HD600 upgrade recommendations

    Also an approximately 6 year 600 lover here (and counting). Last year I decided to try for an upgrade and went with Focal Clear (I found a like-new demo set for $1k at a local store). Nice improvement on detail level & clarity, major upgrade on the low end, and somehow no loss of mid presence --...