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  1. zachchen1996

    The Stax Thread III

    Sweet, glad he's willing to make more. As long as the amp can be built in time for whatever new flagship STAX has in store for us next year for their 80th anniversary I'll be ecstatic. I look forward to your impressions of how the DIY T2 pairs with the yggy as I'm thinking that's the DAC I'll...
  2. zachchen1996

    The Stax Thread III

    Just contacted Kerry about one, hope he's willing to build another one! I wonder if it can be finished in mustard yellow haha.
  3. zachchen1996

    64 Audio A18 Tzar (TM) Impressions Thread (Impressions, Reviews, Tours)

    Ahh I see, so I'm guessing you didn't get the time to try the tia Fourté?
  4. zachchen1996

    DENAFRIPS 'ARES' R2R discrete ladder DAC - close up view

    I'm not too too worried about warranty, I'll buy it from wherever I can get it cheapest haha.   Slightly off-topic: I know neotech makes good usb cables, but does anyone have any advice for a good i2s cable?   Just got official confirmation that Audio Broker is no longer an authorized...
  5. zachchen1996

    DENAFRIPS 'ARES' R2R discrete ladder DAC - close up view

      Hmm, at that price I might have to jump for it!   Do you know if Audio Broker ships to the US?
  6. zachchen1996

    DENAFRIPS 'ARES' R2R discrete ladder DAC - close up view

    What would be really useful would be a thorough Yggy, Holo Spring LV. 3, Metrum Pavane, Terminator comparison / shootout.   Despite the lack of any useful impressions, I'm most likely going to take a blind jump for the Terminator. (Gotta support my fellow Taiwanese! haha)
  7. zachchen1996

    Introducing Lotoo PAW Gold

    Hey fellow mass kobo 404 owner! You owe yourself to try double helix cables too (if you haven't already). Sorry if this has been addressed already, but does anyone happen to know whether or not Lotoo has plans for a PAW Gold successor?
  8. zachchen1996

    LG G6 Sound Quality

    Unfortunately the quad dac is for the Korean model only. :(
  9. zachchen1996

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

      Oh the vantam jazz master / mass kobo 404 combo is incredibly enjoyable so far, combined with Peter's fantastic Prion4 cabling the rig is very smooth and engaging. Unfortunately I can't really compare it to other sources as the last source I had was the rather lackluster dragonfly red haha...
  10. zachchen1996

    ANNOUNCEMENT: DC Area Head-Fi Meet - March 12, 2017 - Gaithersburg, Maryland

    I MIGHT be able to make it, but not sure yet because that's the last day of spring break.   If I can make it I'll bring my MASS-kobo 404 portable amp, VentureCraft SounDroid VANTAM Jazz Master Limited portable dac/amp, and Spiral Ear SE 5-Way Ultimate ciem.
  11. zachchen1996

    Revamp Acoustics

      Ahh I see, yeah they definitely are harder to find / more expensive, but I'd be willing to the pay the higher price tag for a well implemented Burr Brown 1704 DAP. :)   Keep up the good work bro!
  12. zachchen1996

    Revamp Acoustics

    Hey TJ,   Would you ever consider working on a DAP that uses the Burr Brown 1704?
  13. zachchen1996

    Lightning Cables - Official and Custom (welcomed).

    Anyone ever tried Furutech ADL's GT8-A lightning cable? I wonder how it compares to VentureCraft's.  
  14. zachchen1996

    flinkenick's 17 Flagship IEM Shootout Thread (and general high-end portable audio discussion)

      Agreed. I know this is a bit cliché but when I listen to my SE5 Ultimate it simply gets out of the way allowing music to just flow.
  15. zachchen1996


    According to kova4a the new VSONIC GR09 flagship will cost around $600, with the pre-order price being around $300. We know so far that it will have ceramic housing and utilize carbon nanotube drivers.
  16. zachchen1996

    New VentureCraft SounDroid VANTAM Jazz Master Limited

      Yeah that's probably what I'll end up doing, then I'll get more volume range to play with on the amp haha.   What cable are you using for your iems in those pics?
  17. zachchen1996

    New VentureCraft SounDroid VANTAM Jazz Master Limited

    Yeah the 404 is quite the amp, I'm thinking they will be a killer combo.   When using the vantam as a dac with a separate amp, do you guys prefer using the single ended line out or the balanced headphone out (set to max volume)?
  18. zachchen1996

    New VentureCraft SounDroid VANTAM Jazz Master Limited

    Thanks for the info, just bought ismewor's jazz master haha. Can't wait to hear how it pairs as a dac with my mass kobo 404 amp and se5 ultimate ciems. :D
  19. zachchen1996

    New VentureCraft SounDroid VANTAM Jazz Master Limited

    Anyone know whether the line out is single ended or balanced? Thanks!
  20. zachchen1996

    Spiral Ears SE5 Ultimate Discussion/ Impressions thread

    What size are you looking for? Because if you want something transportable, the wagnus epsilon s or mass kobo 404 will do nicely.
  21. zachchen1996

    1964 Ears Adel IEMs

    Just reminded me I still really want the RX1R II xD. But yeah, 3k for even a TOTL iem is pretty crazy unless it handily surpasses all other existing flagships (NT6, SE5, Andro, MH335, etc.) They will have to be truly astonishing to justify such a price tag.
  22. zachchen1996


    Guess I'll find out for myself when it's finally available for order here in the US haha. But I also want to wait a bit to see if A&K is going to release a new flagship soon.
  23. zachchen1996


    Really? I had the Hugo when it first came out and sold it after a month due to it sounding so mediocre imo xP. As long as the sq is a good bit better than the ZX2 while retaining a similar signature I'm sold.