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  1. Rafu64

    iFi iDSD Micro DSD512 / PCM768 DAC and Headphone Amp. Impressions, Reviews and Comments.

    Same for me. Normal mode 12 o'clock for normal listening. However, the HD800 sounds great with turbo mode, too.
  2. Rafu64

    AKG K812 Pro

    Not to forget quality issues. We assume that all headphones from the same manufacturer sound identically. That may be true in general, but obviously, there are exceptions. Sennheiser for example provides Certificates for Frequency Response for each single HD800 headphone they make. I guess that...
  3. Rafu64

    = HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

    Can the HE560 be driven without an amp, e.g. directly from a mobile media player? Thanks in advance
  4. Rafu64

    AKG K812 Pro

      The review should say at what level of loudness the auditioning has been done. Otherwise, it is not really possible to judge a review.  I normally listen to music at a low volume. Above 80db there is a real danger of damaging the hearing capacity. Distortions > 100db are completely irrelevant...
  5. Rafu64

    Beyer Dynamic T70 - Barely a Beyer? (Review)

    I had the T70p for a while and liked it very much. Easy to drive and the resolution was the best I have heard so far. But, unfortunately, is has a box-like tonality. The vocals in some songs sound metallic and unnatural. Try to listen to "Come to sin" from Bananafishbones with the T70p and...
  6. Rafu64

    Looking for headphone for classical music between $250-$1000

    I have the same problem. Haven't found a headphone under 1000 $ for classical music yet. I have tested the AKG 712pro for several days. To my impression it was lacking of clarity and/or resolution. The effect is not that obvious with classical music but when comparing it to other headphones the...
  7. Rafu64

    Upgrade from Beyerdynamic T70p

    I use the AK100 MKII as DAC. Normally, I listen to the music at low or moderate levels of loudness. So I don't need a HP with extra bass. A good resolution, clarity and neutral tonality would be ideal. As to the comfort, I prefer an open or a semi open HP. The AKG K812 pro and HD800 both seem to...
  8. Rafu64

    Upgrade from Beyerdynamic T70p

    Thanks, I have taken these already into consideration. I have tried so far 3 different beyerdynamics (DT880, t70p and t51p). I am not so convinced with the tonality of beyerdynamics closed HPs. In contrast to that, I found the DT880 a convenient HP with an overall pleasant listening experience...
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