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  1. MrRamirez

    LendMeUrEars trustable?

    I am looking to buy a pair of VSonic GR02 (Bass Edition) Someone pointed me towards I would like to know if this website is trustable! has anyone had any experiences with them? I was also looking for their warranty policy but i couldn't find it. If someone could...
  2. MrRamirez

    Help me pick out the best earbuds for me under $60?

    My pair of earbuds just broke (A Jays One) I would say they where a good pair of earbuds. Now I am looking for a new pair, some with more bass Can you guys help me pick some out? I listen to songs with deep bass. Songs like: Lose yourself by Eminem The Cross by NAS Put You On Game by Lupe...
  3. MrRamirez

    Physical Earphone/Headphone Store?

    Are there any PHYSICAL stores that concentrate on selling Earphones/Headphones and lets you test them out?   If you know, are there any near Oakland, California?   Thank you all in advance