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  1. RubenNYC

    In Rememberance of the Rio Karma

    Quote: Originally Posted by catachresis I still have two Karmas. I have one Creative Zen Touch. I'd stick to the Karmas, but I've had trouble finding good drivers for transferring files on WinXP. If someone were to enlighten me. . . . For best results, use the Rio Non-MSC...
  2. RubenNYC

    In Rememberance of the Rio Karma

    Quote: Originally Posted by GN85 Trekstor Vibez. Sadly, it looks like it's going the Karma's route. Yep, the Vibez is discontinued. Fortunately, mine is still kicking after 2 years 2 months and counting. Plus I have a working Karma hidden away as a backup. I do think there...
  3. RubenNYC

    What are your clip EQ settings?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Punnisher The clip EQ would be fine if the sound was the same when the EQ is off and when the EQ is in custom mode. You wouldn't have to start at +4 as a reference point. I wonder why they did it this way. Hey, sorry I'm late to the thread. I'm just...
  4. RubenNYC

    TrekStor vibez going flash.

    Just got this email today from TrekStor: Quote: Dear Ruben, Thank you for requesting information about the TrekStor vibez Flash. The TrekStor vibez, winner of the Red Dot Design Award, is a product for which we have received great popular acclaim. Therefore we deeply regret that, due...
  5. RubenNYC

    TrekStor vibez going flash.

    Quote: Originally Posted by dissembled I'm in northern Jersey. Bergen County. North Arlington. Check your PM.
  6. RubenNYC

    TrekStor vibez going flash.

    Hey dis, are you in north, central or south Jersey?
  7. RubenNYC

    "Green" alternative to Sansa Fuze?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jo-Vo Hi! I'm using a Sansa Clip 2GB at the moment and would like to upgrade to something with more storage space. The Fuze looks nice but I don't want to buy a device again that has to be thrown away in ~2 years because the battery becomes flat and is not...
  8. RubenNYC

    DAPReview: TrekStor vibez flash up to 32 GB

    The vibez is a completely different hardware platform from the Karma, so yeah, it's not going to sound quite the same. I don't know how its SQ compares to the Fuze, D2 or other top rated players out today, but to my ears it's pretty impeccable. To me, one of the major appeals is the...
  9. RubenNYC

    DAPReview: TrekStor vibez flash up to 32 GB

    Quote: Originally Posted by DJGeorgeT $199 for 12GB? The price is ridiculously high for a flash player. $179 at JR and it's 16 GB. Trekstor vibez F (72934) Portable 16GB MP3 Player (Black) in MP3 Players at
  10. RubenNYC

    DAPReview: TrekStor vibez flash up to 32 GB

    Quote: Originally Posted by cn11 Hey Ruben- sorry if I missed it somewhere, but are the new Vibez all flash now? The specs on the Trekstor site doesn't say whether they're microdrive, or flash. And no word on the 32gb one yet? Are folks basically giving up on it as vaporware for sure...
  11. RubenNYC

    Help syncing Sansa Clip in WMP - newbie

    I suggest configuring WMP to auto sync your "Sansa Clip 112708" playlist. This way, WMP will always make sure that whatever is in that playlist gets synced over to the clip. Anything you remove from the playlist gets removed from the Clip at the next sync. I do this to manage my vibez and my...
  12. RubenNYC

    Updates to the DAP market?

    Quote: Originally Posted by BloodSugar00 Trekstor Vibez: 1) New, 32 GB Flash-drive model So far the 32 GB is little more than a tease from TrekStor. The 16 and 8 GB flash versions should be out soon. ( and are taking orders).
  13. RubenNYC

    Best Microdrive player for a microdrive=>CF conversion

    Scratch the Rio Carbon off your list. The Carbon only supports up to 8 GB.
  14. RubenNYC

    Hard drive based player?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Whitebread I'd rather just wait until Microsoft regains its sanity or until flash based memory matures until the point where it is as dense as its hard drive brethren. I don't think the Zune ever had a custom EQ, though, only a bunch of canned presets...
  15. RubenNYC

    Which DAPs can sync bidirectionally with WMP11?

    Anybody? I know there are other players out there that at least handle playcounts. I'm trying to determine if it's a problem with WMP or the vibez and need to know if ratings and last played date work on any other players. Thanks.
  16. RubenNYC

    Which DAPs can sync bidirectionally with WMP11?

    Hey all, I need some help. I'm trying to troubleshoot a synching issue with the vibez and WMP11. Specifically, when connecting via MTP, playcounts sync both ways between the vibez and WMP11 just fine. Here's where it gets weird: Last played date syncs back up to WMP11 just fine but now down...
  17. RubenNYC

    Smallest DAP w flac support

    The upcoming flash version of the TrekStor vibez plays FLAC & gapless natively, but it is noticably larger than both the Nano and the iAudio 7.
  18. RubenNYC

    DAPReview: TrekStor vibez flash up to 32 GB

    Don't really know about the FM tuner card. I've read mixed results.
  19. RubenNYC

    DAPReview: TrekStor vibez flash up to 32 GB

    Quote: Originally Posted by RedSky0 EDIT - Oh and hey recephasan, how would you compare the bass on your H120 to the Vibez? Specifically in terms of how deep it goes, how punchy it is, and to what extent it clouds the rest of the spectrum when you push it up (through some special bass...
  20. RubenNYC

    DAPReview: TrekStor vibez flash up to 32 GB

    Quote: Originally Posted by Mico Hi guys~ This look so good~ I really wanted one to replace my X5 for playing WAV~ Any bros know where I can find it in New Zealand or HK or any online shops which ships overseas? So tempting! Thankyou guys~ Try giving these guys a...
  21. RubenNYC

    DAPReview: TrekStor vibez flash up to 32 GB

    Quote: Originally Posted by sonq Is this DAP related to Trek2000; the company that makes low end comoditized thumbdrive? No. TrekStor does sell thumbdrives, but they do so under the name TrekStor.
  22. RubenNYC

    DAPReview: TrekStor vibez flash up to 32 GB

    FYI, for anyone looking for technical spec: TrekStor [MP3 players - USB sticks - hard drives] I've been Googling around to see if anyone has actually tried to measure bass roll-off on the vibez. I don't have a way to measure it myself, and I wouldn't know what to look for if I tried listening...
  23. RubenNYC

    What's the best player for audiobook bookmarks?

    Quote: Originally Posted by nywytboy68 Is the Vibes F even out yet? Nope. Personally I'm hoping the finally release the damn thing at this year's IFA. It was at IFA 2007 that they announced they were going to have a flash vibez. I imagine a year should be plenty of time to make...
  24. RubenNYC

    vibez firmware update 1.19 Beta

    The feedback thread: Happy B-Day vibez firmware 1.04 - now with new beta firmware within! - Riovolution The readme & download: vibez v1.19 beta firmware The skinny:"Karma playlisting" - Restored ability to create and edit playlists independently of the Now Playing list. FLAC decoder...
  25. RubenNYC

    About the Rio Karma

    I'm a huge Karma fan. One thing I would watch out for is the battery life. If you assume it has all original parts, that battery could be anywhere from 3-5 years old. Probably worth asking the seller what kind of battery life he gets with it now. If it's really bad, you could end up spending...