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  1. N4V

    Anyone have opinions on the EDGE Acoustics GX400?

    Was looking at this set for a gaming headphone, but I'm wondering, would I notice the difference between using these, or spending like half of the price on a separate microphone plus ER6is or something?
  2. N4V

    Best canalphones/IEMs for around $100 for techno/gaming?

    What would you recommend? I just bought the HD555s, letting it burn in, but the bass is pretty lacking. What would be a good set of canalphones or earbuds that have a good amount of bass, and would work great for PC gaming? I'd be wanting to spend around $100, any recommendations...
  3. N4V

    Just bought the HD555, have some questions

    Hi all, after debating between the HD280s and HD212s for a while, I ended up going with the HD555s, sounds weird, but I realized my Plantronic headset used a similar style of clamping onto the ears and really hurting them after a while, so I made comfort a priority. I'm satisfied with the...