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  1. dead of night

    "Refurbished" audio components?

    Hi. I like to jog with a Sony sports discman. These are not made anymore but I can buy "refurbished" ones. What is the real story behind refurbished components? Are they clean? What exactly goes on when a product is refurbished? Why is a product refurbished in the first place? I would...
  2. dead of night

    A question about opening the lid on the Sony D-25

    Hi. I received a Sony D-25 CD player and want to treat it right. I have a question about opening the lid on the unit. There is a button marked "open" on the top. After pressing this button, the lid opens part way. The lid is meant to be manually opened the rest of the way, correct? There...
  3. dead of night

    Questions about buying the NOS Sony d25s

    Hi. I've always wanted one of the vintage Sony PCDP that everyone raves about. However, I never wanted to buy used. Now, at ALO, I have an opportunity to buy a new one, fresh in the box. Can one of these SonyD25s power a large headphone, like the 650? Why does the Sony not come with the...
  4. dead of night

    New Sangean portable: Pr-D5

    Hi. There is a new, Sangean portable am/fm radio out now, for sale at JR Electronics. I was wondering if anyone had any opinions. It boasts a 200 mm AM ferrite antenna, for "unmatched am reception." It is a stereo portable, about the size of a large paperback. It goes for about $85. It looks...
  5. dead of night

    Is it safe to leave batteries in when Walkmen not in use?

    Hi. I have a lot of portable radios and CD players. Many of them I will not use for at least a year. Is it safe to leave the batteries in, or should I take them out?
  6. dead of night

    What is your opinion of HD radio?

    Hi. I just ordered the new, Sangean HDR-1 table top HD radio. I would like to have a remote controlled table top radio like this that I can place far away from the computer. I am hoping that this radio gets the usual Sangean good reception, and that I receive plenty of HD stations to experiment...
  7. dead of night

    Do you prefer listening through headphones or speakers most?

    Hi. I was listening through my speakers last night and they just did not sound as good as my Senheiser 650s did. Do you agree that a good pair of headphones will almost always sound better than speakers?
  8. dead of night

    What does this mean in my Arcam CD owner's manual about "remote control codes"?

    Hi. In my CD player's owner's manual there is a page dedicated to "remote-control codes." For example, "clear all" has a code of 20-57. What does this mean? The manual says that the codes in italics on this page in the owner's manual refer to buttons on my supplied remote control. If I try to...
  9. dead of night

    Are ANY headphones worthy of high end equipment?

    Hi. Compared to the price of a pair of great loudspeakers, headphones, no matter the pair or brand, are pretty cheap. Are they going to be a weak link when listening to expensive sources and amps?
  10. dead of night

    Any experience with Eton E5?

    Hi. I want pull the trigger on the Eton E5 and I wonder if any forum members own one or have experience with one. What I'm looking for is superb AM/FM reception, and a fun toy to play with. I am hoping that the buttons and controls provide an interesting contrast to the typical Sony and Sangean...
  11. dead of night

    Need help with the headphone line out on my PCDP

    Hi, My sports walkman CD player that I jog with has a problem with the headphone jack. I have to arrange the headphone jack, twist it around, so that I hear complete sound. Is there a way to clean either the jack itself or the line out on the PCDP? I want to emphasize that the problem is not...
  12. dead of night

    Eton E5 compared to Eton S350 DL?

    Hi. I'm interested in both of these fine, portable units. How do they compare? In terms of being fun to use, getting AM stations, and FM reception, is there a clear winner?
  13. dead of night

    The Sony D-NE330 and 430 series

    It seems that for 2006, Sony only prepared two models, both similar: the 330 and the 430. I think this may be because Sony realized that all a good PCDP needs after all is a little more power per channel, 15 mW, and a simple, AA battery. The gumstick, attachable batteries and the recharging...
  14. dead of night

    I'm going nuts waiting for the CC Mini Radio

    Hi. C Crane keeps pushing their CC Mini Radio release date ahead. They say they want to make it the best radio they can, with the best sound and reception, and won't release it until it's perfect. The current release date is July, 2006, but still no news. I am really looking forward to this...
  15. dead of night

    What do you hope for in the new, mini CC radio?

    Hi. The new, mini CC radio is due out in July, if they don't push the production date ahead again. What do you hope for in it? Some of its features seem intriguing. I am curious about the simple/advance modes. I wonder what kind of advanced features it has? I have read about over 50...
  16. dead of night

    Not enough love for the Sony D-NE330?

    For the first time in years, Sony puts out a 15mW per channel PCDP and there is hardly a mention of it on this forum. Rejoice people! Celebrate! Dance to the music!
  17. dead of night

    The Sony D-NE430 has appeared!

    It is on sale at JR's. A simple google search will provide the link; it's the first one listed. Maybe the other 2006 Sony models will not be far behind.
  18. dead of night

    How do you adjust the HD-650?

    Hi. I have a new pair of HD-650 and I consider them a valuable musical instrument; I want to handle them correctly, in the way they were intended to be. What is the right way to adjust them so they fit correctly? How do you increase or decrease the size? Is it necessary that both sides are...
  19. dead of night

    How do you find great sounding CDs?

    Hi. It's hard to enjoy a hand picked headphone system consisting of a headphone amp and a CD player if you can't find CDs that are mixed and mastered very well. Some remastered CDs actually sound worse, according to fans. Is there a site devoted to guiding music fans to CDs that sound very good?
  20. dead of night

    My 1st world class headphone, the HD-650, is on the way, what can I expect?

    Hi. I recently purchased a new Ray Samuels HR-2 headphone amp and an Arcam C73 CD player. I currently own Sennheiser HD-480s, which cost $89 in 1991. I've ordered the Senn HD-650 because I like the Senn sound, and also because in a thread here, Ray said the HR-2 sounds great with the HD-650...
  21. dead of night

    "The sound will improve with the display turned off"?

    Hi. The manual to my Arcam CD73 states of the display: "there is generally a slight improvement in sound quality with the display turned off." Why would this be? Is this even true? I don't notice a difference.
  22. dead of night

    I thought the Arcam CD73 had a Wolfson DAC

    Hi. I just bought an Arcam CD73 CDP. The reviews of this unit stated that it now comes with a Wolfson DAC, but the specs in my manual state that the CD73 comes with Sigma Delta DAC. Are these the same thing, or are they different?
  23. dead of night

    Which phones compliment the Arcam CD 73?

    Hi, I'm going to buy the Arcam CD 73. Can anyone tell me what headphones they think would compliment that player? You could really help me with my headphone system in this way. Thanks.
  24. dead of night

    Will it harm an HR-2 to use it with the headphone out of a PCDP?

    Hi I have an HR-2 on the way and I know it was designed to amplify a pure signal. That's the way I plan to mainly use it. Nonetheless, I own a Sony D-NE420 and I would like to experiment with the HR-2 and see what happens if I hook it up to the headphone out of the 420. I'm hoping it would...
  25. dead of night

    What phones are known to go very well with HR-2 amp?

    Hi. I have a Ray Samuels amp shipping to me. I want a headphone that is known to compliment it well. I don't want in ear headphones. Excepting those, what can you recommend that will go well with the HR-2, like red wine and beef?