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  1. -Daan-

    Sennheiser HD25 + nuforce udac

    Hi, I'm planning to upgrade my crappy audio setup. So I'm considering buying a nuforce udac I can use with my senn hd 25-1 ii, and my laptop as source. Some questions: - Besides delivering a cleaner sound than my laptop onboard audio , will this improve the sound? This thing has a...
  2. -Daan-

    Laptop audio upgrade

    Hi, What is the next step I should take in improving sq on my laptop. I have a sennheiser HD25-II already (step 1 ), but I notice that sq on my laptop (conexant audio onboard crap) is really terrible. I can hear my cpu buzz and click...My walkman sounds much better btw. So my next step...
  3. -Daan-

    All-around solution for $200-250

    Hi, I've been searching this forum for a while now but I can't really find a headphone that suits me more or less. Here's the deal: I'm a student so budget really is a problem, that's why my max is set at $250. What is the best solution for this price (cheap amp + cheap headphone or only...