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  1. Agent_Moler

    Help, my cans are dead!

    Hi,   I have a pair of modified Denon AHD 2000s seen here   I recently tried to connect my headphone to an amp and noticed that no sound was coming through. I then tried to connect it to different sources and I can't seem to get it to work with...
  2. Agent_Moler

    Need a sub $80 mp3 player that has better SQ than the Cowon s9

    hi, After doing some SQ comparisons between my iphone and my cowon, I feel that it is no longer really necessary for me to have the S9, especially since I do the majority of my listening on my iphone now. I'm interested in having another mp3 however for those instances where I might be at the...
  3. Agent_Moler

    Anyone know any pro audio stores in Westchester. NY?

    I'm looking to get my headphone cable re terminated. I found a place that does it in NYC but I want to see if I can get to a place thats closer to me (New Rochelle) or if anyone can do it cheaper. The store I contacted, Pro Sound Service, quoted me $40. Hoping I can do better! Thanks
  4. Agent_Moler

    Does it really makes sense to use a desktop amp with a portable player?

    Hello, I've just recently gotten into the listening to music with headphones hobby. I've bought a cowon s9 and a slimx 550 and I've been listening to them with a corda 2 move amp. When posting in the forum and asking questions about buying new headphones I often am told that I should buy a...
  5. Agent_Moler

    Aee these legit apple in ears?

    I saw this on It appears to be legit but I was wondering if someone who owns these phones could verify this. Its an excellent deal! New White in Ear Headphone Earphone w/ Mic for iPhone First Generation iPhone 3G
  6. Agent_Moler

    Does the Cowon iaudio x5 line out cable work with the Cowon s9?

    Hi, I was wondering if this line out cable works with the Cowon S9's usb connector as well?
  7. Agent_Moler

    Need advice before the end of today!

    Hey, I'm trying to decide on getting either the shure se 110 or head direct RE2. I can get either for about the same price and I'm reading good/bad things about both so I'm a bit confused. I'm planning on running these from my Cowon S9 and I mostly listen to trance, house, and metal. Any...
  8. Agent_Moler

    the story of a newb and his first REAL pair of phones!

    Hi everyone, I finally got my hands on my first pair of phones after reading suggestions and asking questions on the forum. I decided to get a pair of Grado 325i (brought from a forum member) and a Cowon S9. Being new to his headphone thing I was of course a little worried to be spending so...