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    Philips SHP9500 burn in?

    Out of all the reviews of this popular phone there's hardly a word said about burn in. Trawling through Amazon, a couple of people maintain it's not necessary, but one user, who seemed to know what he was talking about, warns against judging this phone without at least a few days intense burn...
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    Weird Sennheiser HD598/Marantz PM5005 mismatch.

    Based on my fondness for an old pair of Sennheiser HD595s, which I was using with a Marantz PM5005 integrated, I decided to buy an HD598. First thing I noticed was an incredibly boomy mid-bass--almost unlistenable. This had me stumped, as it wasn't apparent at all with the 595. Finally I decided...
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    LCD-2 and speaker amps.

    No, sorry to disappoint you, this isn't a thread about how much better the LCD-2 sounds when driven from the back end of a speaker amp, but of how a speaker amp used in the conventional way might be just what the LCD doctor ordered.   I have a Rev1. I don't find it dark but occasionally...
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    5532 based amp mystery. Any electronic detectives here?

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    If the HD650s scale so well, when is it time to give up on them?

    Just wondering. On the one hand I'm reading about how well the 650s scale, how the sky's virtually the limit with after-market cables and multi-thousand dollar balanced amps, and on the other I'm reading about people moving on up from their 650s to HD800s and LCD-2s. So I'm wondering: have all...
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    AKG K240 versions?

    I've just bought a pair of AKG K240 phones on Ebay. These are described as "vintage", though they look in good nick. I wanted to get some info on Google, but there are so many variations of this phone it's impossible. These have no suffix, just "K240", and above, "For outputs 4--600 ohms", which...
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    Heed Canamp review: can someone decipher this?

    Just reading a review here: Heed Audio CanAmp :: AboutHIFI Came to the eagerly awaited conclusion only to find this gobbledygook: "My motto (one of them actually) is that a lie is the truth’s human interface. The reason? A convincing lie has to be >90% percent truth, but the truth must...
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    BY REQUEST: Best sounding HP jacks on integrateds/receivers.

    Now, we need a thread discussing which integrated sound good, and what characteristics they have! I think we should start a non-dedicated amp appreciation thread, where people can post what non-dedicateds they've used. Well, two requests anyway. In any case a thread (which should be made a...
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    Probably no other phone has stirred up such controversy as the 595. Some love them, some find them "boring" or just wrong. I've written recently that I prefer them to the 650 because the 650 (and other top end Senns I've heard, which is all of them) have too much energy in the upper...
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    HD650 with Pioneer a400?

    Anyone tried a Senn 650 with a Pioneer A400 amp? Strikes me that the combination of rolled off 650 and bright Pioneer just might work, plus the Pioneer's considered top notch anyway.
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    Fix for HD595 and 650 creak.

    Both my 595 and 650s had a bad creak every time I moved my head or jaw. After much experimentation, I eventually traced the problem in both to the point where the arms hinge to the driver housing, where plastic meets plastic. Hope you know where I mean, but in any case where plastic moves...
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    Cure for 595 "creaking".

    Usually referred to as creaking, but in my case more like an incessant clicking, I've tried just about everything to get rid of the annoying noises that plague the 595 with no luck until now. On a hunch I decided to put a drop of ordinary engine oil on each hinge and voila!, no more creaking--or...
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    Jecklin Float info

    Questions about the availability of Jecklin Floats come up here and at Headwize periodically, usually with no replies. The current concensus seems to be that the electrostatic is defunct and the rest generally unobtainable. Well, there is a shop in Oz that sells all three Jecklins. Go to...
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    Sound quality of AKG K305 cordless?

    Anyone had any experience with this model? I'm able to get a pair here in OZ for $200 AU (about $100 US), but I can't find any reviews anywhere. The K105 was well reviewed, but it's now deleted.