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  1. jrazmar

    Cowon J3 & Yuin PK1...How's the combo, anyone?

    I'm planning to buy the J3 since my Fuze is just ready to die anytime. Anyways, anyone ever tried the PK1 with the J3? How's the combo? PK1 sounds okay with the Sansa. I just don't know whether it would be great to pair it with the J3. Will it be able to drive the Yuin's 150 ohms? It's received...
  2. jrazmar

    Who owns what?m50/GMP8.35/Q40/HD25-1 II/K271/HFI-780

    Which of the following headphones have you owned or still owned and liked so much? If you don't own one anymore, you may still cast your vote on which one of these will you choose if you are to keep one. I think this is the only way I will know which of these is the most beloved (not necessarily...
  3. jrazmar

    Amp upgrade from Fiio E5

    I would like to have a new high quality portable amp to be paired with my PFE. I have an E5 and now I can say that an amp will really make the PFE shine with all its audio glory. I guess I will upgrade once enough cash gets in soon. My budget constraint is up to $200 shipped. Damn! Head-fi is...
  4. jrazmar

    Which IEM sounds best for you?

    Based on pure sound quality, which do you think will you buy or will buy again? To be fair, those which need burn-in are assumed to be sufficiently burned-in. The tips and amps used will vary based on one's experience so let's disregard this one. If you have not heard the IEM, then don't vote...
  5. jrazmar

    Phonak PFE vs. Monster Turbines

    Has anyone compared this two? I have the PFE and it's just amazing. I'm not an audiophile but definitely I have the ears for good sound. There's another thread about the Monster. Did anyone ever have a chance to bring these two head-to-head? Appreciate your responses. Go Team Phonak!!!