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  1. chesebert

    Sennheiser has sold its consumer audio business - to hearing aids company

    Sennheiser has sold its consumer audio division. The business – which makes headphones, soundbars and DACs – has been acquired by a Swiss-based medical hearing company called Sonova Holding AG, which specialises in hearing aids and cochlear implants. Hearing aids.... rip Sennheiser...
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    Grado HF-2 EQ Curve Sanity Check

    The EQ curve is based on measurement and listening to match modified Harmon Curve (basically 5-6db down on the treble response vs target curve). I am using the big bowl pads. Has anyone needed to make this dramatic EQ adjustment to make HF-2 sound relatively neural? <ignore the title in the EQ...
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    Beta 22 Possible Oscillation

    I have a Rockhopper Audio Beta 22 that has been in service for about 10 years now. I decided to adjust the DC offset as it has creep up a bit over the years. After I have adjusted the DC offset and reconnected the power, my headphone produced a rising "squeal" shortly after turning the amp back...
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    There are other DACs out there besides Audio-gd

    Pick a Price Point, Buy Used and Be Happy:   In no particular order (whichever came to my mind first):   Esoteric dCS Nagra MacIntosh ARC Theta Weiss Chord Wavelength EMM Labs Wadia (Buy Michigan?) MSB ML   more established + longer proven track record    ...
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    Multi-manager vs single manager vs index funds

    Has anyone done any study looking at long term risk-adjusted return on multi-manger funds (manager of managers, or fund of funds) compared to other types of investment vehicles? I am mainly interested in risk-adjusted return comparison.
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    Need recommendation on recabling a pair of AKG K501

    Not too expensive, try to keep the total cost under $250.
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    In NYC, sitting in my apart bored out of my skull - any NYCer here?

    So..I have been in NYC for a months now; didn't go anywhere since I don't know where things are. Sitting here bored out of my skull. Any one wants to have a drink and talk headfi? If not, any place fun to go by yourself? (I have already done Audiocube and Sound by Singers)
  9. chesebert

    Mini-comparison: dCS Puccini SACD Player v. Esoteric X01 D2

    1.0 Equipment used: Speaker: Magico Mini Pre-amp: VTL TL-7.5 Series II Amplifier: VTL ST-150 Speaker Cable: Nordost Odin Reference Component platform: SRA series CD used: Burmester Reference CD3 Other Considerations: volume matched, listen time > 2 hours, non DBX 1.1 Esoteric...
  10. chesebert

    CAL alpha question: should I get it?

    Got a chance at a barely (for real) used CAL alpha 18bit version for around $400ish. I like the sound when paired with my transporter, the bass is nice and full contrary to what I have read; too bad my hig-res linn recordings are no go with alpha. This will be a good compliment to the...
  11. chesebert

    Driving HD650 from DAC1's calibrated XLR!

    I am using the calibrated output instead of the variable output. The bass and soundstage are all improved. The 'preamp' is SB3 via digital attenuation. Has anyone tried this? thoughts? My DAC1 is a post-2006 model with TI opamps.
  12. chesebert

    Help me find a place to stay in NYC for 7 weeks

    I am having a hard time finding a not so expensive place to crash for 7 weeks in NYC, from mid-May to the end of June. What's a good place to look for housing besides Craigslist. cough..if any headfier has a room to rent out, PM me. My job is in downtown, so I hope the place is not too...
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    Website openly promoting/encouraging/profiting infidelity

    " What is Ashley Madison, and what’s it all about all about? AshleyMadison is a dating service for married/attached people. It works much like a traditional singles-dating service in that you sign up, create a profile and then search for someone who possibly possesses the criteria that you...
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    How to improve your memory?

    Final is getting close and I need to memorize massive amounts of information as the one of the exams will be close-book. I suck at memorizing anything. What can I do?
  15. chesebert

    am I getting stupid for trading T61 for T60?

    Trading: T61: 14in 1440x900 Wide (TN) T7500 C2D 2.2ghz 3GB 100GB Intel X3100 integrated 7-cell battery FOR: T60: 15in flexview 1400x1050 (IPS) T2400 C1D 1.83ghz 3GB 300GB HD ATI X1300 6-cell battery docking station Would you have done the trade? am I out of my mind?
  16. chesebert

    U.S. Justice Kennedy LIVE at Michigan

    I am listening to the most powerful Justice on the US supreme court lecturing right now live. Fascinating! He is a great professor! I want his autograph!!! (I only need to get pass several visible and invisible secret service folks)
  17. chesebert

    Working in Palo Alto v. Lower Manhattan

    I have an opportunity to work either in downtown NYC (right at the lower point of the Manhattan island) or Palo Alto/Silicon Valley area. The pay is similar, with NYC being a little higher than Cal. What are the pro/con of living/working in either city? Where would I live? and How would...
  18. chesebert

    Benchmark DAC-1 is not immune to power sources

    Without going into the actual sound quality or DAC-1 ability to compete with more expensive source, I believe DAC-1 is not immune to the power sources, good or bad. This is contrary to the assertions made by Benchmark. I hooked up my DAC-1 (latest revision) to my secondary system and again...
  19. chesebert

    Funny US laws and decisions

    Is this really common knowledge ?? It is a matter of common knowledge and well established that groups of students are for the most part exuberant, boisterous, and hilarious, and that they do not ordinarily keep regular hours and are addicted to the use and abuse of vibrant and sonorous...
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    I just got Rafał Blechacz's new CD...very promising

    I am sure if you know Rafał Blechacz from the title you know that he was so far ahead of the pack at the competition, they refuse to award a 2nd prize to the next best (apparently not good enough). I just got his DG debut CD includes pretty much all Chopin Preludes. At the first listen, this...
  21. chesebert

    Why do public these days always flock to the worser player (piano)

    Ok...before, I start I have no prejudice against the artist; actually I have never really seen him play so my initial impression was not marred by his circus acts. So Lang Lang was just here on UM campus not too long ago and I missed listening to him, having heard bits of his playing on the...
  22. chesebert

    2 free tweaks for speaker-fi show noticable improvments in sound

    I notice an relaxation in the treble and an much improved dynamics resulting a blacker background (lifting some veils) and more analog like sound. 1) lift your cable at least 6in off the ground (I previous had the cable about 1in off the ground, increasing that to 6in made a noticeable...
  23. chesebert

    random irresponsible impression of SD Transporter

    When I first got the Transporter I thought it sounded rather cold, good bass, not great midrange, messed up timber, overly aggressive leading edge. Thought I made a mistake, but figured hell with it I am gonna burn the hell out of it. Its been over a week now and things def mellowed out...
  24. chesebert

    Why musician's brain looks different than that of a ordinary person

    Listen to this segment from the NPR All Things Considered Click Here To Listen Music and Memory
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    Grover white S vs Sc

    I just the Sc from Grover. IMO they sound quite difference from each other; so much so that one of them is notably better on my spkr system while the other is notably better on the headphone system.. Could someone with both share your experience? I want to see if they coincide with mine?