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  1. nehcrow

    RE0/RE-400 filters - acoustically transparent?

    Just wondering if the RE0 filters are acoustically transparent? I did a nozzle filter removal from the IM70 and it cleaned up the sound quite significantly but don't like how it's straight open to the driver... that OCD So... my question is the RE0/RE-400 acoustically transparent? No negative...
  2. nehcrow

    Comfort playing a role in interpretation of sound?

    I believe that comfort plays hugely in the role of how you view what you hear. Most modern planar magnetics are weighty/heavy/impractical to wear, they bear strain on your head and I feel that contributes to a closed-in sound and perhaps even a more 'weighty' sound. Open dynamics are much more...
  3. nehcrow

    eBay cables: Yes or No?

    Hi guys! Sorry if this has been asked before! Looking at getting a custom cable for my X1 but not really familiar with different cables, so I'm wondering if they are reliable and as good as more expensive cables? There's a specific seller: jiangzhan2012 Here's a link (don't know if linking...
  4. nehcrow

    SM3 hype dying down?

    I'm noticing not many people are recommending Earsonics SM3 anymore... Other universal models such as the Heir Audio 4.Ai, PFE232, Westone 4 are commonly recommended over the SM3, so I'm curious to where the SM3 stands now. Do people still regard this model as one of the best out there or have...
  5. nehcrow

    $300 amp/dac combo for HD600

    Need a good amp/dac combo to drive HD600 for around $300 I'm going to use my Macbook Pro as my media player so I would also need a good dac (not just an amp by itself) right?  
  6. nehcrow

    Audiofly AF78 or similar $200 alternatives?

    Anyone had a chance to test these earphones out and compare them to it's competitors in the $200 IEM market? Really looking for some opinions on these earphones as they seem to be largely underappreciated (or rather never generated any buzz) on this forum Thanks, any information is useful!
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  8. nehcrow

    Worried about hearing...

    I'm only 18, nearly 19 years old. I've always listened to music at a reasonable volume I think but I've listened to music for extended sessions (at a least a few hours, possibly up to maybe 8 hours a day or something) I've done a few online hearing tests and I just found out I can only hear...
  9. nehcrow

    Need mini-mini male-female (around 6ft long) extension cable

    I need a decent cable to plug into the HDTV.. I don't know if I trust the cheaper brands but is HOSA a good choice? I was looking at a higher quality cable like the cables from Markertek (specifically the Belden Star Quad cable with Neutrik connector) but apparently they need a minimum of $100...
  10. nehcrow

    Isolation comparison

    How is the isolation of the RE0 compared to HD 25? I really liked the RE0's isolation as it wasn't overly noise-cancelling, it was juuuuuuuust right.  I heard the RE0's isolation wasn't that good for an IEM but IEM's pretty much have the greatest isolation out of any headphone technologies...
  11. nehcrow

    Attention: people living in China

    Any reputable Chinese websites/vendors to buy IEM's/headphones from? More specifically a genuine UE Triple.Fi 10, having real trouble finding a good pair online at a reasonable price.  
  12. nehcrow

    Genuine IE8's or not?

    Staying in China for a while looking to pick up some good stuff and I came across this item. Very cheap price considering it is the Sennheiser IE8, also the comments seem to mostly positive. (Link's in Chinese, sorry, translate it using google...
  13. nehcrow

    iem's which sound similar to the ms-1's and m50's?

    i LOVE my alessandro ms-1's and m50's, they are such energetic earphones. looking for iem's which are similar to the sound signature of either of these earphones, i was a little disappointed with the re-zero's i had (plus the build quality was terrible, both of the ones i bought broke within a...
  14. nehcrow

    Thinking of buying TF10, have a few questions about the build quality

    Is it worth spending ~$160 for the TF-10 if I have heard horrible stories about the build quality? I have read that the cable is the weakest part of the model, I have also read that the cable can be replaced... can i just by the TF10's and replace the cable straight away with something a little...
  15. nehcrow

    not overly impressed with re0/re-zero :(

    I know this may sound weird but I've had two pairs of Head-Direct RE0/HiFiMan RE-ZERO and I was never overly impressed with the sound quality (plus the build quality is terrible). Nothing in the sound signature really stands out to me, maybe it's just my ears I don't know. Sometimes it's a...
  16. nehcrow

    cheapest place to buy m50

    where's the cheapest place to buy the audio technica m50 at the moment, somewhere the international shipping to australia isn't too expensive everytime i look for a good price it links me to australian shops which sell them for $250... at the cheapest. you'd be hard pressed to find this...