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  1. wirednemesis

    coolest shirt i've seen in a while... anyone know where i can find one?

    Whoa, that is so sweet. I've loved the FedEx logo ever since I saw this I geek out over stuff like that.
  2. wirednemesis

    The Masterpiece Thread - Every time you buy an album that's a masterpiece, post here.

    I'm not going to list my favs, just newly purchased music that I'm loving at the moment. From First To Last's new CD "Heroine". Its amazing. If you like a metalcore sound, but this is a little more mature than their earlier work.
  3. wirednemesis

    Depeche Mode Remasters?!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Twombly Taken from Pitchfork: Some Great Reward, Exciter and Playing the Angel are the only ones that need a remaster. You think PTA needs remastering? Its a different kind of sound, to me its seems a little flat, I wouldn't think it'd benefit from...
  4. wirednemesis

    Search Function not working?

    Working for me. I don't know how I feel about this forum's search function though. You always get so many results it seems kinda ridicules. Maybe its just because whatever you search for ends up being mentioned in so many threads, that's just the way it is.
  5. wirednemesis

    once dining at red lobster

    I've been working as a server for a little over 2 years now. The restaurant is a modest scale italian place, pretty basic, maybe a step down from Olive Garden. We are also one of the largest restaurants the area. From my experience, when something goes wrong, or not exactly pleasant service...
  6. wirednemesis

    K271 distortion?

    Yeah I'm just running them thru my pc w/winamp mostly. No Eq. I'm lovin them already, I was listening to A Perfect Cirlce yesterday seeing how the burn-in was coming along and it almost made me cry how great it sounded, well, not really. Ok, really. I'll invest in a new cable and some...
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