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  1. Benjamin6264

    HiFiMan HE-R10 Wooden Headphones Available at Audio46

    If it looks like a duck, and its name sounds like duck, then it must be a ploy to cash in on the fame of discontinued headphones from another company. No aknowledgement of the "inspiration" anywhere in the product description either, for legal reasons I assume...
  2. Benjamin6264

    iBasso DX220 MAX DAP Now Available!

    Disappointing that it is not compatible with the DX200/DX220 amp modules.
  3. Benjamin6264

    iBasso DX200 Bug Thread - Post Any Firmware Bugs/Issues Here

    Has anyone found a fix for this? I am experiencing the same problem and getting very frustrated with it...
  4. Benjamin6264

    SONY WH1000XM3 - better than QC35 in noise cancelling?

    I just managed getting an EQ setting that sounds right for me. Here it is in case anyone wants to try (EQ from USB Audio Player Pro on iBasso DX200). Neutral-fun sound, works great for most genres of moderately well recorded music, especially anything modern that has moderate to high bass (I...
  5. Benjamin6264

    Is 80% of "hi-fi" just EQ?

    Screw the purist elitism. EQ's make a world of difference. I didn't enjoy my high-end setup a fraction of how much I do since I threw in a Schiit Loki in the mix. Albums are all mastered differently, and most of them aren't "Audiophile recordings". EQ's lets you bring the sound to what sounds...
  6. Benjamin6264

    ZMF Eikon, Ori and Pilot Pads on MassDrop

    Do you plan on having another drop soon? Also, do you have a pad suggestion for Audeze LCD-2/3? (Auteur/Eikon, perforated/suede/etc.)
  7. Benjamin6264

    Amp recommendations for Audeze LCD-3

    I prefer analog EQ because of how fast it is to set. I usually listen to various artists on shuffle, so mastering varies from one song to the other, and I wouldn't take the time to get perfect EQ if I had to go in my media player settings every time.
  8. Benjamin6264

    CK10-SE535 hybrid CIEM

    What do you mean by mods? I am a bit confused by your post, as I am looking specifically to add bass extension to the CK10 signature, and I can't "tune to my liking" other than having the reshell made.
  9. Benjamin6264

    CK10-SE535 hybrid CIEM

    Hey group. I'm thinking of getting a custom IEM made using my (currently unusable) Audio-Technica CK10's TWFK balanced armatures, but with an added Sonion 3300 dual BA from a pair of (also currently unusable) Shure SE535. The reshell would be made by AAW, whose executive assistant indicated...
  10. Benjamin6264

    Left & Right Channel Stereo Splitter

    Reviving a dead thread, but I haven't seen any other with this exact situation. I just got two UE Megaboom speakers which pair up and separate L/R channel in Bluetooth, but want to be able to do the same with an Aux splitter. I presume it will be quite simple; solder four wires to the first...
  11. Benjamin6264

    Schiit Audio Loki Mini Four-Band Equalizer - Head-Fi TV

    Just received my Loki mini. Didn't think I would enjoy playing with an EQ that much, thought it might be too much effort to make each song just right. Turns out you just follow your ears and it takes 2.8 seconds. I should have guessed it, but it's so much easier to adjust than digital EQs. I...
  12. Benjamin6264

    [DISCOUNT EXPIRED] New David Chesky Album, The Venetian Concertos!

    Is this recording part of the Binaural+ series?
  13. Benjamin6264

    = Hifiman “Fuzzor” Mod = (Driver backwave felt damping modification)

    The pads are thicker behind the ears and thinner on the front.
  14. Benjamin6264

    = Hifiman “Fuzzor” Mod = (Driver backwave felt damping modification)

    The microsuede pads are indeed what people refer to as the vegan pads (in that they don't contain leather).
  15. Benjamin6264

    IC: Montreal, Quebec Meet!!!

    VincentC Mike_TNT Benjamin6264 JackTheRipper Kevin.T dleblanc343 PretentiousFood Pepper
  16. Benjamin6264

    IC: Montreal, Quebec Meet!!!

    VincentC Mike_TNT Benjamin6264
  17. Benjamin6264

    IC: Montreal, Quebec Meet!!!

    I'm definitely interested, but I won't be able to come if it's in late August like last year's. If it's earlier or later, count me in!
  18. Benjamin6264

    New Schiit! Ragnarok and Yggdrasil

    I think the Ragnarok's volume control will probably be better, so you should put max volume on the 105 and adjust on the Rag for optimal SQ.
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