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  1. psyllium

    Upgrade from K81DJ - where to?

    Hi guys, I've had my K81DJ headphones for a while now, using the HD25 velour pads on them. Just for fun, I put the original AKG pleather pads back on to hear how they sounded. All of a sudden the K81DJ sounded a lot crisper and clearer up in the high end. Now it's impossible for me to keep on...
  2. psyllium

    Just bought AKG K171's - need help w/amplification

    First of all I'd like to say hi to everyone as I am new to this forum. I totally didn't expect such an avid headphone based community to be around - cool . Anyway, the primary application for my headphones are for DJing. My 14 month old Pioneer HDJ-1000's snapped at the plastic hinge, as so...