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  1. nopc0de

    Creative Lab's Sound Blaster X7 for PC Gaming

    Hey guys,   because of the Massdrop listing the "Creative Lab's Sound Blaster X7" has come to my attention. I guess I'm just asking you guys if this thing is the right thing for me or if I should look for something else...   I'm looking for a AMP/DAC stack that will be used for:   -...
  2. nopc0de

    Surround sound dac for ciem?

    hello guys thanks for reading my thread, I want to game with my ciems (uniquemelody miracles) on my computer but I get lots of static noise (especially when I'm in-game). So I'm thinking of buying an external dac just to be sure. Now if I wanted virtual surround sound, will I need a gaming...
  3. nopc0de

    Hello nice folks :) Please help me out.

    Hey folks,   I'm a music lover, movie lover, tv lover and gamer. I wouldn't call myself an audiophile but I've always cared about having good audio.   My current system completely died and its time to get a new set-up. I signed up here because I need some help, I've been looking at...