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    NEW Sony NW-E390 Walkman

    Looks like a new Walkman has quietly been released the: E390. series.   Available in 4, 8 & 16gb although larger capacity E395 not for the UK yet, which is not the first time we've missed out. Weighs only 39 grams with up to 50 hours battery life. Certainly looks nicer, especially in blue...
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    Myryad Z40 Headphone Amp

    A new headphone amp has been released by British HiFi company Myryad. Available in silver or black, the Z40 costs £399 and is part of their Z Mini series, matching the existing Z20 DAC.  
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    Arcam musicBOOST for iPhone 6

    This is something a bit different. A battery pack, DAC and amp in a iPhone 6 'case'
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    If Calsberg made headphones...

    they'd be like the Sennheiser HD25, probably the best (all round) headphone in the world ?!?   Your thoughts?     NB. This will probably only make sense to British members.
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    Focal Sphear earphones

    Inevitable really but Focal have introduced an in-ear phone to complement their Spirit series of over ears.   Almost guaranteed to be good ?
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    new U Jays on the way

    These look great. Scandinavian cool
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    AKG N20 iem

    New 'reference class' whatever that means, in ear from AKG. With universal 3 button remote ie that rare thing:full android control.
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    B&O Beoplay H2 Portable

    I may be mistaken but I can't see a reference to this new portable headphone from B&O.   Looks great and, based on the success of the larger H6, hopefully sounds good too.   It claims to have a new...