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  1. migsev

    iPod touch remote for JH5?

    I wanna get JH5s and pair it with an iPod touch. I want the option of a remote though so I don't need to take the iPod out to adjust anything. What cables/remotes would you guys recommend? So far I've only seen 3. The Fiio E1, Audio Technica AT-PHA30i (which looks hard to find), and the Sony...
  2. migsev

    Upgrading from Denon C710

    Basically I wanna upgrade from my C710s but I don't know what to upgrade to. I was very happy with how they sounded and would like something fairly similar, but obviously better. I'm looking at the JVC-Victor FX700s or Westone 3s, but I'm interested in Shure SE535s as well. The Shures appeal to...
  3. migsev

    Life span of custom IEMs?

    How long are custom IEMs expected to last? Whats the general policy on warranty with them? Also, can you get refits from the same company after a couple of years?
  4. migsev

    The Most Attractive IEMs Ever!

    Geek Stuff 4 U - For Geeks By Geeks Solid Alliance Crazy Earphones Or not.
  5. migsev

    Denon C710 or Klipsch S4?

    Can anyone with experience on both models provide me a simple comparison? Thanks!