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  1. NoxNoctum

    Need noise-cancelling earbuds for audiobooks only

    This is purely for use in my car and for air travel. Basically I want enough noise cancelling that I don't have to up the volume significantly when driving but not so much that I'm totally oblivious to the outside world. I won't be listening to music at all so that's not a factor, only...
  2. NoxNoctum

    Need something to keep my amp from turning back on automatically during power outages

    I've had this happen a few times now, the power flickers on/off and my amp turns itself on/off multiples in quick succession- not good! What do I need to have it stay off (and the PC as well for that matter - they're both plugged into the same surge protector strip)
  3. NoxNoctum

    Looking for good earbuds or open IEMs for metal

    I mostly listen to black metal (and some thrash/black) - soundwise I'd want something like the HE-6 in terms of where it is on the light/dark spectrum. It has to be earbuds though not IEMs because I need to be able to hear people around me at work (that's all this is for). Either that or some...
  4. NoxNoctum

    How to identify a particular frequency?

    There's a specific sound that one of my headphones gives to distorted electric guitars that I really like, but I have had difficulty identifying it by messing around with EQ. Any suggestions? I'd like to pump the frequency once I figure it out in my other headphones.
  5. NoxNoctum

    Best Grados for Punk

    I have been getting into punk a lot lately and find that I miss some of the edge that my old Sennheiser HD595s had with rock music before I started really getting into high end audio. I've doing some AB-ing between it and my current stable (LCD2 rev2s, LCD2f, LCD3f, HE-6) and though obviously...
  6. NoxNoctum

    Need help fixing audio channel imbalance

    Ok so for the past few weeks I've noticed that on my main speaker amp (that I use for headphones) the right channel was slightly louder and was actually about to send it to be repaired when I started to notice it on my Schiit Lyr as well. I think I may have noticed it on the speaker amp first...
  7. NoxNoctum

    CD Storage -- what are my options?

    I wasn't sure where to put this really so I'm putting it here. By all means if it belongs somewhere else please feel free to move.   I have a lot of CDs strewn all over the place (hundreds) and I really need to start taking care of them as I am finding that some of my rarer albums are now...
  8. NoxNoctum


    Anyone else a fan of this series? I bought the 2nd one recently and am really digging it. Already a TON of great custom skins out.   For anyone not familiar with this game, it's a rhythm game that generates a "race track" according to an audio file that you give it, you then ride down in step...
  9. NoxNoctum

    Setup is not doing well with shooters...

    So my setup is PC > Gungnir > Schiit SYS > F1J > HE-6/LCD-2/3. I don't know what's going on but the positional audio is way off. Like all over the place. It happens in multiple games, and is most noticeable in shooters like CS:GO or Arma 3. I never had these issues with my cheap Senn HD595s...
  10. NoxNoctum

    Weird buzzing issue with new DAC

    So I just got an Audio-gd NFB7 in the mail and I'm having some strange issues with it. My system is PC>NFB7>Master 10>HE-6 or LCD-3.    When I first set up the NFB7 there was no issue, but as soon as I set it as the default audio device in Windows XP the problem started.    Basically what...
  11. NoxNoctum

    Need more like this - "Demon cleaner" Kyuss

    I love this song and have been using a lot lately to test out different gear (fantastic bass) -- unfortunately I can't get into a lot of Kyuss' stuff because I really dislike the vocalist's style of singing (it's fine on this on this track since he doesn't do that James Hetfield-ish kind of...
  12. NoxNoctum

    Sound card for new PC.

    I'm buying a new gaming PC soon and was thinking, since I've got an amp and DAC that I play everything through (using FLAC files on the PC as the source), there's no reason for me not to get the absolutely cheapest sound card available for the motherboard I have in mind right?
  13. NoxNoctum

    Will this damage my headphones/AMP/dac?

    So my computer is ancient -- I'm upgrading shortly, but suffice to say that if I try to do too much at once while running foobar it will occasionally "jolt" for a split second with the sound cutting out (lack of RAM I suspect). When it does this the amp "clicks" and then the sound comes back on...
  14. NoxNoctum

    DAC question

    If I have this setup, my PC is being bypassed completely correct, even if I'm playing CDs from the diskreader? (through foobar)   PC>DAC>Amp>Headphones
  15. NoxNoctum

    Is it unethical to burn in gear during return periods?

    Do these companies expect people to do this? It's just on the face of it, "using" a piece of gear for ~100 hours before returning it sounds really bad IMO.   Obviously some companies (Schiit) expect it and welcome it seemingly, but what about bigger ones (Amazon, Crutchfield)?
  16. NoxNoctum

    JVC HA-FX700 vs 750 vs 850 etc...

    I got interested originally in the 700s after hearing that they have very poor isolation (but very good sound). I'm trying to get earbuds/IEMs for work and so I need to be able to hear co-workers etc, so low to non-existent noise isolation is something I want. My question is, do the 700s, 750...
  17. NoxNoctum

    Earburd reccomendations?

    I'm looking to spend $100-200 on earburds for listening at work. I've been using some cheap $30 but find that it just is not good enough since I've become accustomed to only listening to my Sennheiser HD595s. Now I'm looking to upgrade both but I'm starting with the earbuds since I'm going to...
  18. NoxNoctum

    Looking to invest in some high quality headphones but don't know where to start

    I have a bit of extra cash on hand at the moment and was thinking now might be the right time to get myself some really high quality headphones (thinking in the ~$1000 range). I'm not an "audiophile", in terms of real knowledge of gear etc... but I am obsessed with sound quality and spend a...
  19. NoxNoctum

    Converting music to "instrumental" versions

    I have zero experience with any sort of music/audio editing and I just want to know --- is it possible to get high quality instrumental tracks out of lossless audio files? What's the best software to go about it? 
  20. NoxNoctum

    Need portable music player reccommendations

    I need a music player mostly for work and possibly working out/running (though that's secondary---if I need to I can get something else just for that), that's at least fairly portable, and somewhat durable. My biggest concern though is excellent sound quality. Decent storage size would be nice...