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  1. goto2003

    Any Meet in Boston area?

    Looking for a meet opportunity in Boston area, any information?
  2. goto2003

    5 feet Cardas HD600 upgrade calbe?

    Hi, Just got a 9 feet Cardas upgrade cable for HD600. However, it's too long for my daily usage. Just wonder if there's any negative impact on sound if I DIY it and make it shorter, say 4.5-5 feet? Any opinion would be highly appreciated.
  3. goto2003

    Is the Earjams this good?

    I found a pair of Griffin Earjams at RS this afternoon and found these things are amazing. I couple them with my MX500, which to me is bass shy. Immediately, I pick up a lot of big sound out of the couple Earjams with MX500. The bass is significantly enhanced and the overall impact is something...
  4. goto2003

    What are the most comfortable IEM canal earbugs?

    I had a pair of ER4 but found it's a pain to use it for more than a few minutes. Just wonder what are the most comfortable canal earbugs?
  5. goto2003

    Can the HD650 stock cable be used for HD600?

    Hi, I need a new stock cable for my HD600, but just wonder if the 650 stock cable could be used for HD600? Thanks
  6. goto2003

    SuperMacro V3.0!!!!!!!

    This morning, I just happened to find the following post in Xin's Cool talk. There's no reason why I don't put it in here Quote from Xin's: "No kidding. After another sleepless night, I just finished the design of V3.0 of SuperMacro. As much as you do, I too hate endless upgrading. So, I...
  7. goto2003

    Got SuperMacro V2.0, Awesome!

    This afternoon after the class when I checked my mailbox, I found a small box lying quietly in it. It's a SM V2.0! What a surprise to me. I couldn't wait to give it a trial. All the following impression is based on 30 minutes' listening. Equiptment: Indigo DJ+SM V2.0 with AD8610 (vs. V1.0...
  8. goto2003

    First impression about SuperMacro with OPA227

    My SuperMacro's back this afternoon with a new configuration from standard issue with AD8610 to the socket version plus some improvements recently developed by XIN. I have several OPAMPs (227, 627/637 and AD8610) in hand for head-to-head comparison. Under my first impression, Man, I'd say the...
  9. goto2003

    New SuperMini that can drive a rock?

    Xin seems to be working on another ground-breaking project, the new Supermini. As he put it in "For the amp, the new SuperMini is coming soon, for $99. I cannot post the details now, but it is another ground break. Very slim aluminum cases with lots of colors and finishings to...
  10. goto2003

    Auto-Off feature degrades SuperMacro's sound quality

    From XIN's website: "When the power switch is turned from "on" to "auto" position, the amp will sound like the battery is running out near the end of the timer and it'll shut off entirely after couple minutes." Also, someone mentioned that the timer will degrade the sound quality. I wonder...
  11. goto2003

    SuperMacro performs better with AC adaptor plugged in

    I have been using my SM for more than 200 hours and it's fully burned in. Though it sounds fantastic with batteries alone, I would say it performs better with AC power than with batteries. With the AC adaptor plugged in, the SM deliver more consistent and better separated sound image while...
  12. goto2003

    Wow, Xin's making another big improvement on SuperMacro

    He added 5000uf caps totally in the standard version (even more than what I have got in my SuperMacro Standard version two days before ). Two buffers per channel are still there. Moreover, it can add all four features! I hope I had hold my hand for two...
  13. goto2003

    How to improve the headphone output of Zen

    Hi, I have been with my Creative Zen NX 20G MP3 player for months. it has 30mw+30mw headphone output. But what a pity, it has no line-out. From the test published by other guys, I noticed that it has a roll-off from 40hz. I want to do some mods. to improve its headphone output capacity and...
  14. goto2003

    How to improve the headphone output of Zen NX

    Hi there, I have a Creative Zen NX 20G MP3 players. I wonder if you guys could shed me some lights on how to improve its headphone output performance, coz it has no line-out. It has a 30MW+30MW maximum output. I wonder if replacing some capacitors will work. Thanks, Simon