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  1. PFKMan23

    My old feedback thread has disappeared

    My pre-huddler feedback thread has disappeared.  I have found older threads that I have posted and have psoted in but my feedback thread is gone.  I have since created a new one.
  2. PFKMan23

    RnB Audio Diamond Interconnect Impressions

    A while back I received a Diamond IC from Myo to demo and I thought I'd post some of my thoughts. As Myo knows it's been a long time coming but here's what I think. Construction: It's a beautiful cable and the construction is top notch. There's not much to be said in addition to the...
  3. PFKMan23

    Good arrangements/recordings of "O Holy Night"

    Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions for good recordings that have good or interesting arrnangements of O holy Night. And yes that would be the Christmas Carol. A Capella, choral, group or solo, it doesn't really matter.
  4. PFKMan23

    RnB Audio Sennheiser cable impressions

    I recently purchased RnB's custom cable (7.5') for my Senns and I have to say thate even after only around 50 or so hours of burn in, they sound amazing. Even with my limited resources, I do feel that the the souundstage is bigger and more expanded as compared to the stock cable. The spectrum...
  5. PFKMan23

    Trouble deciding on whether to retain my order

    Yesterday, I decided on taking the plunge on some Woody HD650s. However upon further investigation, the seller has discovered that the shipping would be around $100 USD insted of the $30 as quoted previous. Now I have already sent payment as per the orginal agreement, but I would like some...