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  1. PFKMan23

    Lime Ears Aether R universal world premiere!

    I love it and am curious because I want to see what reference IEMs can do.
  2. PFKMan23

    Oppo HA-1 SE

      Or they'll just update the DAC chip. as they did with the HA-2 to HA-2SE
  3. PFKMan23

    Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

      Well played, but the fact that there's nearly a $900 price difference helps things. The m903 which what the poster aluded to would be a more equitable comparison.
  4. PFKMan23

    Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

      I think you mean headphone amp and preamp. Last I checked, it wasn't a power amp.
  5. PFKMan23

    New Schiit! Ragnarok and Yggdrasil

      If those are local taxes and duties, then yes, I'm sure the distributor is passing on those costs to the consumer.
  6. PFKMan23

    Is there a safe way to trade?

    Short of a secure escrow, no.
  7. PFKMan23

    HUGE PROBLEM with a recent transaction: escalation on PayPal, please help.

      While I'm not the biggest fan of PayPal, people having been saying that for years, but yet Paypal is still the major player.  I'd say as long as Ebay exists and is a major player, so will Paypal (Ebay owns Paypal).
  8. PFKMan23

    HeadAmp Headphone Demos -- Sign up now for HiFiMAN HE-560

    I got them earlier today.  Sorry about the late check in.
  9. PFKMan23 - Black Friday and current headphone deals! (HiFiMAN HE-400, Audeze LCD-2: 20% off, Sennheiser)

      You know he could be waiting for Black Friday to be posting the prices.  Not all retailers have prereleased their sales for Black Friday.
  10. PFKMan23

    New Schiit! Ragnarok and Yggdrasil

    Is the $1499 the normal cost or a show/debut special?
  11. PFKMan23

    New Schiit! Ragnarok and Yggdrasil

    Is RMAF still the presumed debut of the Ragnarok?
  12. PFKMan23

    Budget Cable Replacement for HD 650

    You could always just get another stock cable.
  13. PFKMan23

    The HeadAmp GS-X and GS-X MK2 Thread

    As cool as the RK50 is, I don't think it's feasible for the GS-X...
  14. PFKMan23

    Most Transparent SS <$1000

    Quote:   In the very least quite similar, as I believe Justin has made some tweaks to the GS-1/Gilmore Lite.    
  15. PFKMan23

    Is there an audio term for this?

    Nope.  The closest you can get are clinical vs. musical and it's really not what you're looking for.
  16. PFKMan23

    How many hours does the average amp bulb last?

    If you're talking a vacuum tube, that varies based on how hard the tube is run.
  17. PFKMan23

    Do I need two different dedicated HPamps for low impedance headphones and high impedance headphones ?

    In general, the answer is no, you don't need different amps to drive low and high impedance headphones.  That said, you might own 2 amps, one for low and one for high.  In your case, you might end up using your integrated amp for your high impedance headphones and your low impedance headphones...
  18. PFKMan23

    Sound is NOT a subjective "Thing" ! .

    Probably because subjects like philosophy aren't really based around quantitative analysis and are more existential/subjective in nature and thus not really suitable for a forum that's based around what amounts to the opposite philosophy.
  19. PFKMan23

    The List: Balanced amps under $1,000 (aka Amps NOT to buy)

    Quote: It's possible, but the case and the volume control would have to be pretty much the cheapest available and you'd have to DIY.  I really don't see a builder valuing their time more or less at nothing. If you DIY, you'd have to value your time at almost nothing as well. The B22 is a...
  20. PFKMan23

    Amp recommendations for Audeze LCD-2

    Quote: What amps have you heard?
  21. PFKMan23

    Tubes failing in decware csp2+, Help!!

    tube arcing indicates a bad tube, although consequently, now the amp may be damaged as well.  The first thing I'd do is get a new tube in there and then go from there.  As far as microphonics go, have you tried cleaning the tube pins with some deoxit and a wire brush or something similar?
  22. PFKMan23


    Quote: I do remember seeing a monoblock B22 at some point, and yes, it was pretty nuts.
  23. PFKMan23

    Audeze LCD-2 Orthos

    Quote: Why is it a big deal to you?  I'm willing to bet that the stock cable of other cans are of equal, if not lesser quality.  The only difference is that you know what it is.
  24. PFKMan23

    Ray Samuels B52, has it been forgotten? It's the king, imho.

    Quote:   I would have loved to hear your thoughts had you used your O2 with a better amp.