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  1. virgopunk

    Small Budget DAP/Transport with USB output?

    So, here’s what I’m searching for: A small (smaller than, and complimenting, the Chord Mojo) budget bit-perfect DAP/Transport that includes a digital output (either Coax/USB or Optical), ability to use an OTG storage device (pref USB-C), at least 1 Micro-SD slot. APTx or LDAC Bluetooth (with a...
  2. virgopunk

    I'm Jonesin' for my next step up! Can you help?

    Hi, I'm currently using DX90 and Westone W40s as my main source and as much as I love the W40's I'd like something with a bit more je ne sais quoi. The W40s are firstly extremely comfortable to wear. I use Comply large pro tips that give massive isolation (that's important since I do most of my...
  3. virgopunk

    DX50 Shuffle mode - not as good as Rockbox

    Hi all, I'm just wondering what people's views are on the DX50's shuffle mode? Since I have 128gb+ of files on my player I tend to use shuffle more than listening to whole albums etc.   I wonder how the algorithm works. It certainly doesn't seem to be as good as the Rockbox shuffle. By this I...
  4. virgopunk

    IE8 to what?

    Dear Mods, apologies, I realised I've posted this in the wrong thread. Is it possible for this to be moved to 'Recommendations..."?   Hi there head-fiers, I'm getting myself a bit worked up over what my next IEMs should be and wanted to see if I could get some direction from those that may...
  5. virgopunk

    Rockbox iPod 5.5 SHR840 EQ question

    Hi all, I'm a relative newb having a lot of fun with this set up (with an additional Cmoy BB amp p - soon to be replaced with the T3D)  but I have a question about the EQ frequency settings in Rockbox. The frequencies are user-definable but what would people consider to be a balanced set of...