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  1. abellaw

    What to get after LCD-2.1?

    Quote: I don't think your question is silly at all, i often ask myself a similar question. I am not made of money and as you said you are not made of money either. So your question of whether or not an upgrade is worth it makes perfect sense. I think IEMcrazy is just frustrated with the...
  2. abellaw

    Sennheiser HD 600 Impressions Thread

    That sucks about your old headphones getting stolen. But at least it forced you to get an upgrade. It seems like a lot of people are against having more than one headphone, or at least having different headphones for different genres. I like having more than one pair, in the future i may even...
  3. abellaw

    post your grado mods....

    ^^^^ Thanks i am glad you think so. I think the color is growing more and more on me. But when i look at some of the braided cables that people make i am just amazed. But i guess its all in time. I think i am going to make an interconnect or something next.   As far as the headphones they...
  4. abellaw

    post your grado mods....

    Quote: I can see why you might feel that way. But i am black, and usually keep a little bit of afro going. Its amazing how different they feel when i have hair and after i have shaved my head lol
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  6. abellaw

    FiiO Headphone Stand - HS1 coming soon.

    Depending on the price and availability i can see my self getting some. I really need some stands to clear up my listening area
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  8. abellaw

    Non-audiophile reactions to high-end headphones

    Thanks for the words of warning, i think it is too late for me. I was just getting in Hi-Fi when we started dating. For our first Christmas i bought her some headphones. For our first anniversary we went to Canjam LA. And she still wants me to buy her some pro 2500.   She likes all my cans...
  9. abellaw

    Non-audiophile reactions to high-end headphones

    Quote: Yeah i definitely have to agree. She bought the headphones for me as an anniversary present. So the fact that she likes them too helps a lot. Maybe next year i can aim for the HD800s lol
  10. abellaw

    The Basshead Club

    Definitely a bass head. Listened to God's Son by Nas yesterday on Alo-780s. Now i just got to get Carter 3 on cd to listen to a milli
  11. abellaw

    Non-audiophile reactions to high-end headphones

    My girlfriend heard my Hd-600s that just arrived today and said   "They just sound beautiful, everything is so clear, its like you have to listen to classical music with them"   I am finally getting to spend some time with these cans and can see why everyone likes them so much
  12. abellaw

    Pick my new Grado headphone!

    I have the Hf2s and i would strongly recommend them for your tastes in music. Unfortunately i have no experience with tubes so i cant speak for them. I have read that the RS1s are better than the hf2s but i haven't heard them.     And i find grados very comfortable i can wear them for 2+...
  13. abellaw

    Sennheiser IE7 Appreciation Thread ~~~

      Quote: I felt the same way when i first got the Ie7s they are very musical but not in a fatiguing way. Maybe its the lack of the piercing highs. But i find myself having really long listening sessions too with them. When i first got them i pretty much listened to all my favourites...
  14. abellaw

    what so special about Ultrasone headphones?

      Quote:   I totally agree that with ultrasones the proper placement on the headphones is crucial. It really can impact the sound. On certain cds when i have the headphones in the right place the music really does come alive. Sometimes i get scared that someone is standing behind me...
  15. abellaw

    Sennheiser IE7 Appreciation Thread ~~~

    I am glad that you Joey Russo think so, as i just upgraded from the S4s to the IE7s and i think that they are a world apart. I much prefer the IE7 to the s4. They are much more musical and detailed. Many say that the highs are missing that sparkle and though i agree with them in part i think i...
  16. abellaw

    Ed8 sounds different depending on head position

    Well i know with my ultrasones i hear a difference depending on how they are seated on my head. But turning my head makes no difference so i am not sure what the reason for that would be. If you hear a difference from just turning your head i guess it is safe to say that you don't use them...
  17. abellaw

    Black Dragon Cable installed on HD600 -- MAJOR differences in sound stage

    I have never been sure what to believe about the whole cable myth. So i just get the best cables i can afford which is usually the stock and go with that. But i am saving to get some nice senns and eventually i will want to upgrade the cable on those too.   But i am glad that the OP is...
  18. abellaw

    Do you prefer "fun" headphones or "reference" headphones?

    I thought that i knew what the difference between reference and fun headphones were. But after reading this thread i am not so sure. I think all the cans i have are fun but it depends on how i am feeling when i sit down to listen to music. I just got some IE7s and they are a nice change from...
  19. abellaw

    Favourite albums of the last couple months

    Coheed and Cambria - Year of the black rainbow. PmToday - En media Res I realize that this probably isnt a popular band on this forum but the coheed cd totally blew me away i really like it.
  20. abellaw

    Why buy a CD player?

    Quote: Originally Posted by thebigcanman typically, Audiophiles (those that know how to computer) would refuse a computer as a legitimate source based on the fact that HardDrives contain many moving parts, and sensitive audio systems most definitely pick up on this. Traditional...
  21. abellaw

    Are the Grado SR60s not very good for rap music?

    I would really recommend the 780s if you can stretch your budget or get them used...listening to murs for president is always a treat with that set of cans
  22. abellaw

    Portables and IEMs. Worth having both? When do you use which?

    I have portable and had some iems (lost my s4s)...but i think there is a point for having both. I prefer using my iems when i am on public transportation or need isolation when studying. But if i am just away from my setup like at work or at school i prefer to use portable headphones. But...
  23. abellaw

    My review of the Hisoundaudio ROCOO-A

    Thanks for the mini review. I saw the player and was about to start saving but i think i will have to take a step back and read and see how this device progress. As it is made by hisoundaudio i have no doubts that the SQ is amazing. But if the amp3 post taught us anything its that there is a lot...
  24. abellaw


    Thanks shigzeo i really like the 780s i highly recommend them if you like the ultrasone house sound. Thanks for the link the studio one looks amazing!!
  25. abellaw

    So.. I returned Zune HD and Bose Around The Ear

    Definitely a good idea to have changed the headphones but I would have kept the zune...but I think you will like your setup