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  1. gHeadphone

    Should i buy the Hifiman EF5 or the EF100 to match my HE560

    Im intending to buy one or the other, both are similar price when im in New York next week.    BTW i dont have a DAC so ill have to use my Fiio X3 im assuming if i get the EF5.   Any advice please?
  2. gHeadphone

    Portable rig for 1200 - Is Oppo PM3 & AK100 II best bet

    Im looking for spend around 1200.   I want to be able to use it travelling on planes, driving and walking around, and the PM3 looks a great headphone (though the soundstage is a little narrow for classical).   I currently have Etymotic EPT4 and Fiio X3.   Is this a good move or should i...
  3. gHeadphone

    Are there IEMs that can match full size headphones

    Hey all. The headphones i use most often are Etymotic EPT4s. They are convenient and i enjoy the sound from my Fiio X3. However when i use my Denon AHD2000s i can pick out instruments that i cant with the ETYs. I also get better sound stage. I have a pair of Grado SR225i which also give more...
  4. gHeadphone

    Will a Fiio X3 adequately drive the Hifiman HE 500 or should i go for the HE 400 (as both as discounted)

    Hi all.   I heard the HE 500 at the New York meet last year and loved it. I was considering buying it as it is discounted currently but i am worried that my Fiio X3 wont get the best out of it (i also have an E11 which i no longer use).   Would i be better off going for the HE 400 instead...
  5. gHeadphone

    What is the best way to order Schiit amps in Europe, direct or reseller

    Hey guys   I'm in Ireland and i want to get an AMP and DAC from Schiit.   Am i better ordering direct from the US site (voltage and international warranty concerns) or from an EU reseller (way more expensive)   Any advice please? Thanks a million.