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  1. xxx1313

    T+A Solitaire P planar magnetostatic

    There may be some unit to unit variation, but this should not be at this price tag. Both measurements have in common, that there is much too little energy from 1 - 5 kHz (=from upper mids to lower treble), which was my big issue with the Solitaire P.
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    T+A Solitaire P planar magnetostatic

    Oratory1990 measured the Solitaire P. Should be no suprise. :wink:
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    Holy Grail of Hi-Fi

    Yes, indeed!:beerchug: My favorite headphone is a combination of these headphones: Mids = HE 1 Highs = HE 1 Bass = HE 1 Imaging = HE 1 Presentation = HE 1 I am a man of simple tastes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Cheers, Bernie
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    Empyrean elite

    "Setup was Wavedream XLR → Luxman L550axii → Sus and Wavedream RCA → GSX Mini → Elite" This is not a really fair comparison, is it? 6k$ headamp vs. 1.8k$ headamp and balanced (XLR) vs. unbalanced (RCA). Conclusion: Oh, I am so happy that my Susy is still so much superior...
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    Meze EMPYREAN - the First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone

    I am sure that our Austrian headphone guru @Nomax has more experience in this regard. :wink: I expect the Elite to become a great headphone! :)
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    The Sennheiser Orpheus 2? A First Look At The Sennheiser HE-1 (The New Orpheus)

    009 is a technically competent headphone, but sounding a bit weird in the treble and a too lean for my liking. No headphone amp (BHSE included) can completely eliminate this shortfall entirely, but the Chord TT2 with crossfeed on preamp output does a good job with the 009. However nothing comes...
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    Feedback by 'xxx1313' on listing 'FS: FOCAL CELESTEE like new (EU only)'

    nkanak is a honest buyer, very good communication, very fast payment! 100% recommended! Thank you.
  8. FS: FOCAL CELESTEE like new (EU only)

    Offering a Focal Celestee headphones in like new condition. It was purchased new approximately two months ago, was used for only approximately one hour, looks and works fine. It comes with the geniune Focal hard case, 3.5mm cable (unused), 6.3mm adapter and original box. No dealer invoice, but...
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    Focal Elegia - what do you think?

    I got a Celestee recently and tried to use its pads with the Elegia. Big thanks to Europe's headphone Guru @Nomax for the hint. The result is quite spectacular, imo. The sound signature of the Elegia with Celestee pads is quite close to the the Celestee in terms of tonality, but with less (sub)...
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    Focal Clear headphones

    Really beautiful headphones, indeed. Hmm, looking forward to what Europe's headphone guru has to say about the new Clear MG. I remember that he was no big fan of the "old" Clear (in constrast to the Utopia). :beerchug: Cheers, Bernie
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    Focal Celestee (New Closed-Back Headphone)

    Btw, I am sure Nomax is aware of that. He always takes a look at new headphones from all angles. :slight_smile:
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    Europe Deals Thread

    This offer is a scam. 100% negative feedback for the seller. Offers like this show up on Amazon again and again and again...
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    PRE-ORDER: Focal Clear MG Professional

    You need a quite unreasonable addition of bass with EQ as well as a similarly unreasonable listening volume to make the Clear (Pro) clip with bass-heavy tracks. So this is not an issue for the majority of listeners for sure. Nevertheless, the new Clear MG is a different animal, I was told...
  14. xxx1313

    New Focal Headphone Launch - January 28th, 2021

    Not sure, I guess the next flagship might still be in the cards for the second half of 2021, but we will see. In the meantime, the Utopia is still a worthy flagship headphone for sure.
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    New Focal Headphone Launch - January 28th, 2021

    Nomax was right again! I bet he also knows what else is in the pipeline! :) Focal Utopia General Discussion | Page 923 | Headphone Reviews and Discussion - (
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    Focal Utopia General Discussion

    I would not choose the Black Dragon again in combination with Utopia and solid-state gear again. The Black Dragon is silver-plated copper and tended to sound slightly sibilant and over-analytical in my setup. Lazuli Reference and even more Crystal Cable Double Duet (=Silver/Gold) are the to go...
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    Europe Deals Thread

    Beware, this is a scam for sure.
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    T+A Solitaire P planar magnetostatic

    deleted double post, sorry
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    T+A Solitaire P planar magnetostatic

    @DarginMahkum Imo, a (mostly) true/flat frequency reproduction is not everything, but without it, all is nothing. Regarding the soundstaging of the Utopia, most headphones rather give the impression of being the microphone rather than sitting in row no. 20 of the concert hall, this is no...
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    T+A Solitaire P planar magnetostatic

    @bidn Imho, these are very valid questions raised by you. There is nothing rude about this and no personal attack imo. I think that even if semi-professional reviewers have to pay (something) for their audio gear, in many cases it will be MUCH below average street prices, which leads to a...
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    T+A Solitaire P planar magnetostatic

    Regarding Solitaire P vs. Utopia, I am sure that Europe's greatest headphone guru Nomax could add some insight: I hope that he will enlighten us in due course.
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    Focal Utopia General Discussion

    Right. But it sounds a bit different because of the other stock cable now, sounds better imo. The addition of the balanced cable and the carrying case is very nice from Focal too.
  23. xxx1313

    Focal Utopia General Discussion

    I had both Diana Phi and Utopia, sold Diana Phi but kept the Utopia. Diana Phi is rather a sidegrade than a clear upgrade imho, although both headphones are great neutral sounding headphones. It is simply a matter of taste which one you prefer. I personally slightly prefer the overall...
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    Focal Utopia General Discussion

    So let us start guessing the name of the new headphone. Many headphones and earphones have female names (Diana, Layla, Angie ...). So my first guess is Roooosie! :wink:
  25. xxx1313

    Focal Utopia General Discussion

    Yes, it seems that you succeeded indeed. :wink: