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  1. khaos974

    Sennheiser HD 700: It's now official!

    After year and year of rumors, it is now confirmed.   Official Press Release:       Quote:   I am somewhat disappointed that there's no ring driver, the price is unknown as of now. It seems though, like the HD 800, that they paid a great deal of attention to resonances and...
  2. khaos974

    Headphones Amplifiers: 0-ohm output impedance and misleading specifications

    I just came across two interesting articles via by John Siau, the designer at Benchmark Audio   - Do Specifications Lie? Do Our Ears Lie? Where does the Truth Lie? An Examination of Headphone Amplifier Performance Specifications Interesting article, aims at showing how measurements can be...
  3. khaos974

    Travel Case for Audez'e LCD-2

    So you just bought the LCD-2 with the wooden box for its general classiness an you don't feel spending another $75 for the travel case? :) The travel case is a SKB 3I-0907-6B-E Small Mil-Std Waterproof Case 6" Deep. It's available on is the empty case. There's another...
  4. khaos974

    Are you kidding me?

    Ok, McIntosh gear is usually hellishly expensive but it measures very well and is built like a brick. However, how could this happen?     For about the same price of a built B22, $2000, you can buy a clock...
  5. khaos974

    Let's play the "it sounds like it looks game"! Correlate the commonly accepted sound signatures and the visual aspects of gear.

    As we all know the visual aspect of an item impacts on our mind and plays a role in he placebo effect. While some of us may be able to be more objective than others, it nevertheless make little doubt for me that the great majority of us are not immune to a well designed appearance.   Of...
  6. khaos974

    Photo enthusiasts: Raw or JPEG?

    Personally, I used to shoot JPEG, and switched to Raw later. The poll mostly applies to owners of cameras with a reasonable sensor size (equal to or bigger than the 4/3 sensor in Olympus DSLRs, I guess)   To me, the analogy with audio would be:   Raw: mixed nut unmastered recording...
  7. khaos974

    New Stax Flagship!

    News from Headfonia with very little precision.     Quote:   I hope it's a real one, anyway the headphones look really better than the old Omega 2 IMHO.
  8. khaos974

    Sony MDR-Z1000, new flagship studio headphones from Sony?

    Full news here:       Sony in Japan introduced [JP] two high-end headphones today, the MDR-Z1000 and the MDR-EX1000 (an in-ear model). And both models boast some pretty good specs. The MDR-Z1000...
  9. khaos974

    Did you ever read a positive reviews that gave you a negative impression of a product?

    It could be for different reasons, distrust in the reviewer, a different interpretation of a "quality"...   eg. the DAC is showing its true capabilities when fed by sp/dif, this could translate into it's a really good dac or it's a dac that doesn't do its job since jitter rejection is awful...
  10. khaos974

    Building a scientifc glossary of audiophile terms

    I've been on Head-Fi for quite a long time, though not nearly as active as some members or for nearly as long as the Wise people (since there are a women here, even if they are fewer in number) and it occurred to me that matching measures to impressions has been rarely done, at least on a large...
  11. khaos974

    What is a LOD exactly?

    Please correct me if I'm wrong:   Functionally, a LOD is equivalent to a pair on interconnects? In practice, the RAC connector is replaced by an iPod connector on one side and a minijack on the other. Even if cables made a difference, here we have TWO inches.   So am I right or do...
  12. khaos974

    Sound quality is not lost on younger generations!

    Do you remember an article which reported that during informal blind listening trial, the younger generations tended to prefer mp3s over lossless? There appear the be some new data about it.   *Sean Olive...
  13. khaos974

    Misplaced review in 'Head Gear"

    I created a new item in the Head Gear section, the Musical Fidelity X-Can v3 and somehow misplaced it in the portable amp category instead of the desktop amp. Can any tell me how to correct it?   (copy of
  14. khaos974

    Misplaced review in 'Head Gear"

    I created a new item in the Head Gear section, the Musical Fidelity X-Can v3 and somehow misplaced it in the portable amp category instead of the desktop amp. Can any tell me how to correct it?
  15. khaos974

    Reading reviews with a bag of salt?

    As audiophiles, or at least people interested in audio equipment, each of us have attempted to objectively judge gear. It is inevitable that we managed to find our own conclusion about what works and what does not. For example, some of us found out that expansive cables can bring tremendous...
  16. khaos974

    New Product: CEntrance DACport 24/96 USB Headphone Amp

    Exactly what the title said, I was looking for information on the Empirical Audio gear and Bel Canto gear when I noticed they were using CEntrance code to implement their 24/96 compatibility. So I decided to check their webste and noticed they planned to launch a product themselves, I thought...
  17. khaos974

    Buying Headphone related stuff in Beijing.

    HI! Does anyone know a serious headphone amps / DACs dealer in Beijing? I wanted to buy online but I was suddenly reminded of customs taxes, and since my chinese level is desperately low, I can't find the information I need. So I thought why not buy in beijing ? PS: If anyone knows...