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  1. pjs42

    V jays vs Portapros.A concise review.

    So i decided to borrow a friend's portapro's and compare them them to my v jays.I used amanda marshall's first self totled release along with some other rock cds.I am in no way an experienced audiophile so i'll do my best to compare them.Upon testing "let it rain" the differences were...
  2. pjs42

    Just bought shure srh440.

    After first putting these on i noticed its flat and detailed response yet i have not noticed much bass though.The construction is superb for a sub 100 dollar headphone.I hear instruments very detailed yet a tad on the tinny side.I'm wondering what is the minimum amount of burn in time before i...
  3. pjs42

    sony xb300 for ten bucks.good deal or not?

                                                          i am relatively new to this site.i bought these at a pawnshop.very bass heavy yet satisfactory isolation and overall ok sound.have others heard this model?do you think my money was well spent?
  4. pjs42

    Newbie Question.

                                                                                                   I'm thinking about buying the shure srh440.I am considering using them with and without an amp.What i would like to know is how they would sound out of a portable cd player.i would like to hear your...