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  1. dthiep

    Improving my system

    Hey guys, I was looking through other threads but could not find the answer to my problem I have: sourse: laptop - Echo indigo, sony D-303 Amp: go-vibe headphone: hd 565 (I think the sound quality is close to hd580), shure e2c It has been while since I last time I bought anything new...
  2. dthiep

    Unhappy with grado 60

    Hi I've been listening to grado 60 for the last few weeks and I'm dissapointed with them. The sound is too bright and when I play loud the hights becomes aching to my ears. Also the build quality is cheap and the headphones are uncomfortable. They are neither too tight nor to loose. They fall...
  3. dthiep

    comfort problem with canal phones

    Hi Couple of years ago I bought Koss "The Plug" and I hate them. They did not fit me at all. I wonder if I gave up too early because I threw them away after few hours of trying to fit them into my ears with different tips and never tried them again after that (I could find since then). The...
  4. dthiep

    12 CD's in price of one ???

    BMG offers a very atractive deal. Is anyone the member of BMG and can tell me if there is nothing hidden behind it? It is too good to be true Thank you
  5. dthiep

    Can I learn how to listen to music?

    Hi guys Im a new listerner. Actually you can say I havent listened to music since few months ago when one of my uncle gave me his old Hd 565 ovation and the other uncle introduce me to his cd collection. Since then I got echo indigo for my laptop, Sony D-SJ301 as my portrable, Go-Vibe...