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  1. Crenshaw

    ModDac 2012 - The Jaben Room

    So I'm at the ModDac show in Singapore at the jaben room. things are looking nice here!
  2. Crenshaw

    Power issues with USB DAC

    I recntly aquired a usb/amp combo, and am trying to use it with my laptop. the odd thing is, it doesnt really work with my laptop. the right channel is so soft it sounds like its not there. I tried it on a desktop, and it worked fine, until I plugged in my iphone and sansa clip to charge. again...
  3. Crenshaw

    Whats the Maximum FLAC khz/kbits on a Clip+

    Just got myself a Clip+ thinking maybe my FLAC  44khz/24bit files will play on it.  Nope.   What is the maximum bitrate and etc the CLip+ non rockboxed can handle?    Cant seem to find it anywhere on google or head-fi   Crenshaw