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    JVC HANC250 Replacement Earpads?

    The earpads on my JVC HANC250 are getting ragged, and the replacement earpads offered via the usual suspects (Amazon, eBay, etc.) appear to be of very poor quality. JVC no longer makes replacement earpads for these, if they ever did. Has anybody had success jury rigging replacement earpads...
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    Westone ES3X Appreciation Thread

    What is the best (read least expensive) source for Westone ES3s?  I am hoping to mail my ES2s to Westone to clone, because they fit well, but the fit was achieved only after a lot of shipping back and forth.
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    Network Security in a Hotel Setting?

    Thanks. Since I have the Cat6 cable connected to the internet port on the router and not one of the LAN connections on the router, I am guessing that the rest of the users of the hotel LAN aren't able to see into our own little LAN here in the room, due to the presence of the router?  (If it...
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    How to Auto-Post Friendfeed Updates to Facebook?

    How is this done? I've been Googling around and looking at link settings and applications in both Friendfeed and Facebook, but haven't found anything that works, yet.
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    "Bargain Hunt" on BBC

    Quote: Originally Posted by tjohnusa Love the show...don't like the host. It's amazing how the experts they are assigned give such terrible advice. I also love top gear and the hotel inspector. For whatever reason I found David Dickinson delightfully odd. He seemed like a really...
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    Just done my biggest Wedding yet !

    Great images, very well done. (These are some good looking people, which must have helped!) How do your clients come to you? Can you describe your marketing methods (although I'm sure your work speaks for itself)?
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    "Bargain Hunt" on BBC

    Don't make fun (on second thought, go ahead), but we like a UK TV show called Bargain Hunt. It's a game show, really, in which two pairs of contestants are provided a sum of money with which to buy antiques at a flea market, and then see their value realized at an actual auction. The team who...
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    Something to Consider When Downloading Music With DRM...

    I won't buy anything that is DRMed (if I had a Kindle, I think I would have to give in). DRMed music is always vulnerable to the "analog hole"--DRM can be removed. A simple way of doing it is with this. Quality won't be perfect, but if you can live with "good enough", you will at least be sure...
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    Fail Tale for Zune,, and Zune Marketplace Support

    Update: 10 days later, the idjits at Microsoft's vaunted "Lab" are still stumped. In other news, my wife had an issue with her Macbook Pro (superdrive went bad). After a quick visit to the Apple Store, they swapped the drive for free, and we were on our way. Try that, Microsoft. (Oh--and...
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    Fail Tale for Zune,, and Zune Marketplace Support

    Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Erik Sorry to hear that. Just curious, why did Microsoft kick your username? Their own technical support people weren't able to determine that. I did a little online research and discovered that I'm not the only one stuck in this "do loop"...
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    Fail Tale for Zune,, and Zune Marketplace Support

    Quote: Originally Posted by tattoou2 Cancelled mine. Encountered log-in problems, incorrect charges, wrong point debits, poor customer service. Concept is good, but didn't work out for me. Seems to be the latest episode in a Microsoft tradition of rolling out things that they...
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    Fail Tale for Zune,, and Zune Marketplace Support

    Zune's new subscription service looked like a bargain: All-you-can-eat music plus 10 non-DRMed MP3s per month to download, your choice. I opened a Zune account using my email address, installed the interface software, and things went pear-shaped from there: The software prompted me...
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    Acer Laptop Warranty/Repair Issues

    I have an Acer Extensa, which I plan to give away for parts if I ever have a problem with it (and I will). I bought it for about $400 new, and just use it as a kickaround netbook. It runs very hot, battery life is abysmal, and it feels plasticky and cheap.
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    Sources for PGP Whole Disk Encryption?

    I want to purchase a license of PGP Whole Disk Encryption 9.91 for Windows (Vista) and PGP Whole Disk Encryption for OS X 9.91. The only place I have seen it sold is at PGP's own web site for $119 per license. While I am sure it is worth it, I would like to find it cheaper. I've Googled...
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    Trade You for 64-bit

    Quote: Originally Posted by TheMarchingMule Here are all the public keys that Microsoft handed out for the Windows 7 beta AFAIK: 482XP-6J9WR-4JXT3-VBPP6-FQF4M RFFTV-J6K7W-MHBQJ-XYMMJ-Q8DCH JYDV8-H8VXG-74RPT-6BJPB-X42V4 7XRCQ-RPY28-YY9P8-R6HD8-84GH3 J7PYM-6X6FJ-QRKYT-TW4KF-BY7H9...
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    Trade You for 64-bit

    Quote: Originally Posted by nullstring They probably are going to make you buy a new version of windows 7 and install it... I doubt they will let you upgrade from the beta version.. That's an important point--I haven't been able to get an authoritative answer on that. If I...
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    Trade You for 64-bit

    Wow, thank you for the keys! I need to find out where I can download the 64-bit code now--they've apparently closed that out, too! I'm more than halfway there with those keys. Again, thank you. (Will be interesting to see what Microsoft charges beta users to keep their machines alive with...
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    Trade You for 64-bit

    Microsoft gave out many, many millions of activation codes and software for the Windows 7 beta, but the distribution closed a few weeks ago. (One can't even buy it now.) Windows 7 will be released some time this fall. I have been using it for several weeks, and it is a releasable product...
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    Next purchase.
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    Rockbox 3.0

    Thanks. The new Rockbox version is nice looking, but response time is very S L O W. When I fast-forward through separate MP3 files in shuffle mode, it is about a five-count from song to song. I am wondering if all of the fonts and themes are loaded in the background, gobbling memory. If so, I...
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    Rockbox 3.0

    It's out, I just installed it, and I like it a lot thus far. Question: I've had the older versions of Rockbox on my iPod (and H120, and H140, and iRiver H10) for years now. Before installing the new version on all of them, would it be best to "wipe" the old install of Rockbox, or just install...
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    Dark day in audio selling/buying

    I've had the same experience(s) selling my used photo gear. Never again. From now on its Craigslist only, in-person transactions.
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    Any Positive Side Effects of Failing U.S. Economy?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Hadden Maybe this is the end of shallow, spoiled brat culture. Hardtimes make people get real. I agree. One other thing I've noticed, now that the market is down more than 30 percent: Less smugness from the yuppie stock market & real estate...
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    Any Positive Side Effects of Failing U.S. Economy?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Seaside This exactly is true, at least here in northern virginia. Maybe, that's why those politics didn't realize what's going on in the other parts of nation? Yes, the "DC Metro Area" is proven quite insulated from economic downturns in the past, but...
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    Comparison of Customer Service for Ultimate Ears and Westone Custom IEMs

    I started this thread with hopes of providing some meaningful information for prospective Westone ES2 and Ultimate Ears UE11 buyers, but I don't have much to write about. I have finally gotten a good fit in both models, and I have to say that the customer service experience was remarkably...