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  1. Kojaku

    V-Moda M80 Balanced?

    Hi Everybody!   So I just got into the high-octane world of balanced audio. The m80 is by and large my favorite on-ear. I want to know if anyone on the forums has the nads to help me out with trying to mod these to take balanced input or if perhaps someone has information on someone who has...
  2. Kojaku

    HE-500 vs LCD-2 Rev. 2?...and some ponderings about hi-fi treble

    I'm a huge fan of funk, jazz, classical, and R&B. I have a bit of an issue in that both of these headphones are claimed to be great for HALF of my music preferences... HE-500 for classical and jazz LCD-2 Rev. 2 for funk and R&B I'm leaning toward the LCD-2 because I've always been a warm...
  3. Kojaku

    Thunderpants TP1: Really World Class :)

    Hey Head-Fiers,     Just wanted to put my quick two cents in about the Smeggy Thunderpants TP1.   In all honesty, the sounds is world-class.   I have heard pretty much every popular low to mid-fi to lower hi-fi headphone all the way up to scaled HD 650 rigs.   As far as...
  4. Kojaku

    Portable iDevice DAC sub-$200

    Dear Industry, I am a budget-conscious student audiophile. If any of you decide to make a sub-200 iDevice DAC, we here at head-fi would (if it were any good) buy the **** out of it. Make it happen. All the best, Kojaku...
  5. Kojaku

    Amp/DAC on-the-go

    I'm in the market for a warm, controlled, yet punchy bass, sub $100 portable amp/DAC. I don't really care much for massive soundstage or neutrality, as long as I don't lose crispness and detail or get muddy down low. Any suggestions? Kojaku
  6. Kojaku

    Jmoney Wood Cups

    Thinkin' of doing a cherry (or walnut) Jmoney mod to my sr225i's. Does anyone know what effect these particular cups have on sound? I'd like to know before I order. Thanks, Kojaku
  7. Kojaku

    New To The Forum, Looking to Mod Sr225i

    Hey guys,   Just got my account after hearing of all the wonderful people here and I was curious if anyone could help me with some mods I'm hoping to do for my SR225i's. I already sliced up some bowls and did a sock mod. I found the bass to be tight (as expected from any Grados), but I...