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  1. EvilYoda

    How to fix wiring near jack jacket in Shure E3c's?

    Somewhere right around where the cable comes out from the body of the jack is a loose connection for the right earplug. It's annoyed me for a while now, but with a new job and a new iPhone, I'll be using these a lot more now. They're out of warranty, so will Shure help me w/o costing an arm and...
  2. EvilYoda

    When are the other 1.8" HD players coming out in the states?

    I've been waiting for models like the Bantam BA1000 and the iRiver 100, along with lesser publicized players like the Philips...anything for a little competition with the iPod. I love the iPod, but I hate buying something before some real competition comes out against least will make...