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  1. Richter Di

    Amazon Music and Qobuz problems on the FiiO M11

    Hi, opened a new thread since this will otherwise get lost in the mega FiiO M11 thread. Es geht um das leidige Thema der nicht funktionierenden Amazon App auf dem FiiO M11. Have the same issues! Have tried some of the same steps with no result. @FiiO I have my FiiO M11 and my Samsung A8...
  2. Richter Di

    Meier Audio Corda Soul - Which Notch Filter for which headphones?

    The Meier Audio Corda Soul gets more recognition. As Jan Meier states on his website. If you like, I also have written a review about the Soul here: As some of you might know, the Soul has a 6dB, Q=2 notchfilter to help to get rid of...
  3. Richter Di

    How to use the „Head Gear“ - „Your Items“ section?

    Hi, I cam across the section „Head Gear“ - „Your Items“, which in my case is empty. Obviously I could create items but I do not get the idea behind this. Because in the „Head gear“ section there are allready almost all headphones out there and wouldn‘t make it more send if I could just add my...
  4. Richter Di

    Which is the best amp for the Omega II?

    I am searching for advise which is the best amplifier for the Stax Omega II. My list up to now: Tubed electrostatic amplifiers: Singlepower ES-1 Headamp Aristaeus Headamp Gilmore / Blue Hawaii Rudistor Egmont Rudistor Egmont Signature McAlister Audio EA-6 McAlister Audio EA-4...
  5. Richter Di

    Ultrasone Interview with D.Sc. Florian M. Koenig

    Update January 2017: Head-Fi seems not allow links to outside media. So please copy paste the URL to play, DO NOT CLICK, it doesn't work. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry that it took more than half a year from starting this thread to the final...
  6. Richter Di

    Everything about the K-1000 (K1000)

    Someone asked for some links regarding reviews and threads of the K-1000. So I started to pull everything together. If you have additional links, please post them. Head-Fi: Review: AKG K1000 AKG K 1000 WhitePaper/Brochure.. K1000 Room Impression Thread K1000 Mega Meet In San Francisco...
  7. Richter Di

    CEC AMP53 to drive K-1000

    Sometimes it is mere luck. So Candeias sent me the new AMP 53 for our Headpone Meet at March 17th 2007 in Duesseldorf, Germany. So the set, fired by the AQVOX DAC (also developed by Carlos Candeias) is now warming up for the meet...
  8. Richter Di

    Headphone Meet Germany, Dusseldorf at March 17th

    Dear friends, there will be a headphone meet in Dusseldorf, Germany at March 17th. The German Thread is here: All non German speaking visitors of the meet please post here. Hope to see you in Dusseldorf. Best, Reiner
  9. Richter Di

    Opera – A first review

    In the last two weeks I had the opportunity to listen at home extensively to Jan Meier’s first Opera prototype and the second prototype, a pre-production model, already in the final optical design. To my knowledge in comparison from the second prototype I heard to the final product there will be...