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  1. Audioholic123

    Astell & Kern T5P with Sennheiser HD700 transducers (a closed-back HD700).

    I have a faulty Astell & Kern T5P that worked fine when I bought them but after a while the left channel of the T5P stopped working, I also own Sennheiser HD700's and though I liked the sound of them I rarely used them. I found them to be very uncomfortable, i was always having to adjust them on...
  2. Audioholic123

    Audio Technica Ath-Msr7 & Denon Ah-d5000 - a comparison.

    This is a short comparison of the Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 and the Denon AH-D5000 for a fellow Head Fier. These two headphones have different sound signatures, the MSR7 is neutral bordering bright sounding whereas the AH-D5000 is warmer and more bass oriented.   Please note; This is a sound...
  3. Audioholic123

    Audio Technica Ath-Msr7 & Sennheiser Hd600 - a comparison.

    This is a short comparison of the Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 and the Sennheiser HD600. Two very different headphones (aesthetically) but i believe they are a perfect match...   Please note; This is a sound characteristics comparison only!   Equipment used; Cyrus CD6 connected to Oehlbach XXL...
  4. Audioholic123

    Sennheiser HD800 or Beyerdynamic T1. Which should I go for?

    Hi I've had my eye on the HD800's for a little while now and my intention was to purchase a pair soon. But ( as always) i've been reading a ton of reviews and doing some research on them before i part with my cash. The Beyerdynamic T1 is a good bit cheaper than the HD800's and now i'm thinking...
  5. Audioholic123

    Pioneer SE-MJ591 Seriously underrated.

    I bought the Pioneer SE-MJ591 headphones recently and realised that they are rarely or even almost never mentioned on Head Fi....why?...that is the question. After many, many years of headphone collecting i have never encountered such an intriguing sound signiture from any other headphones as...
  6. Audioholic123

    JVC Esnsy ha-sr85s impressions (ultra rare headphone)

    Hi all, I've been looking to replace my trusty old philips headphones that served me daily for 12 years. I came across the JVC Esnsy's on amazon, and whilst they didn't look practical to me, they certainly looked peculiar. The price was also attractive - $54. So i took the plunge and ordered a...