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  1. sean3089

    Testing audiophile claims and myths

    I feel a little bit better about being stuck with a Yamaha receiver now.
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    Best all around headphones under $140.00

    I just bought these for $99 I haven't heard them yet, though.
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    We haven't come as far in 30 years as we should have: my experience with a NOS pair of AKG K340's

    Regarding the price: Tough to judge really. A new house might have been $30,000 -- a clock radio $49.95. I remember appliances being very expensive, too. I think that electronics are a much better value today than they used to be -- you get a lot more for your money.
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    World's best Vodka - Poll

    Quote: Originally Posted by baka1969 I like Luksusowa myself. It's Polish and made from potatoes. Goose is my second choice. x2 (on the Luksusowa) Ketal One best all-around.
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    Found my dads old vinyl setup...need some help!

    I'll bet the TT is OK. Maybe a new belt and cartridge is in order. You're not going to get a TT for $500 that will sound much better. The receiver is also nice if it still works well. The speakers probably are the weak link, but if they are still solid, I'l bet they'd be OK with some decent...
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    The negatives of all of your headphones

    AKG 701's are very uncomfortable.
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    Surprise! Live performances that unexpectedly blew you away

    Thin Lizzy in Florida Bryan Ferry in NY. My wife dragged me to Radio City. I had no idea what was in store.
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    The 100 Greatest Albums from the Golden Age Of Rock (1965-1975) [Includes Poster]

    I have been listening to Tres Hombres on original vinyl -- great recording. This is an album that demonstrates that my K701s can rock with the right recording. Time for a new copy though...some songs have too many scratches. My favorite song on American Beauty is Candyman. Jerry on steel guitar.
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    my shutter door at work is out of order and im locked in

    YouTube - dr. strangelove - survival plan
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    New AKG K601 Owner.

    I have noticed the same type of distortion on my K701's when they are plugged into the headphone jacks of my NAD 302 integrated (around 25 wpc) and my Yamaha reciever (probably 50 wpc). Should be plenty of power.
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    Ultimate rock headphones

    Koss Pro 4aa Unlimited Bass Unlimited volume PRO4AA - Full Size Headphones - Koss
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    your favorite cocktail?

    Bartender glass filled with ice pour in Ketal one squeeze 1/2 lemon fresh white pepper (3 twists of pepper mill) shake strain into glass of your choice smooov...aahhh
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    I think Velocity might make white rims. DT Chapparell wheels are sorta white as I recall.
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    Hendrix Albums, which is the best sound quality?

    Hendrix in the West gets my vote. But that's on vinyl...I don't know if there is a good version on iTunes (there isn't, I just checked). How can iTunes have such a limited selection of Hendrix? Only a couple were iTunes Plus. I have Electric Ladyland on vinyl and CD -- neither sound very good.
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    So that is why Vinyl was invented....finally understood the hype.

    Most manufacturers use turntables to demonstrate the merits of their equipment at the Consumer Electronics Show. The next one is January for all you digital apologists out there
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    In the market for cheap headphones.

    I bought these for my Son They retail for 59.99, and sound pretty good. For 17 bucks they are hard to beat. Sennheiser Electronic EH150 Dynamic Lightweight Evolution Headphones EH150
  18. sean3089

    AKG 701 newbie help

    My 701's sound very nice using a Yamaha receiver (I think it was about $200) or a NAD 302 integrated.
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    What makes me so sad

    Stock tip (if there is a stock market left): Hearing aids - all these people listening to to noise a very high level.
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    Better turntable deal: AR-XA($200) or Technics SL-1200mk5($250)(both in great cond.)?

    I had an AR (forgot the model) in the 80's, and a Technics SL Q-2 that I purchased in 1981. The Q2 was a very nice TT, and worked flawlessly, but the base was very resonant. When you cranked it up, the bass would become muddy. I've never heard a Technics 1200, so maybe they’ve resolved that...
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    Better turntable deal: AR-XA($200) or Technics SL-1200mk5($250)(both in great cond.)?

    Before you pass on the AR, check out Vinyl Nirvana. AR Turntable Vinyl Nirvana Acoustic Research Merrill Thorens For Sale
  22. sean3089

    Favourite Live albums.... (:

    The following spent some major time on the turntable (or in the 8-Track). Skynyrd -- One More from the Road Ramones -- It's Alive Robin Trower Live Mothers at the Fillmore East LZ -- Song Remains the Same
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    Don't do it. The frames are of the cheapest quality, and some of the parts are no-name. Buy a re real bike like these from GVH(just one place that comes to mind). Complete Bicycle Special!!! Any of the frames listed below with this kit: SRAM Rival group Fulcrum Racing 7 wheels...