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  1. AlbanianBoy

    What are the diffrences between the SONY mdr xb500 and the xb700

    Title and are they worth it for a bassy head like me ? Thank You !
  2. AlbanianBoy

    Ultrasone Pro 900 vs BeyerDynamic DT 770 Pro 80 ohms

    -Sound Quality   -Bass   -Comfortability   Who would be the best you think ?   Thank you !
  3. AlbanianBoy

    i do not have so much money

    So as the title said, i would like a good amp that very boost the bass and all those things (but mainly the bass, very important, i want a lot of bass... a lot) but whos cheap (like under 70$, yeah 70$ max) and that i can use it like many hours before charging it up.   Thank you very much...
  4. AlbanianBoy

    To be honest, i really like the v-moda lp

    so i am looking for a pair of headphones who is exactly the same thing as the v-moda lp (sound quality and bass), but i want them to be able to fold   (   and i would like a mic on them too. thank...
  5. AlbanianBoy

    50's SMS audio: street by 50

    So hi everybody, this is my first post on Head-Fi (i've created my account 5min ago) and i may do some grammar fault (cause im french). and i do not know if i am in the good section of the forum for that thread.   So i'm kind of interested to buy the Street by 50 headphones (the 250$...