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  1. psyllium

    Yamaha HPH-200 (Pictures and review) [Updated]

      I've given these a listen and a bit of a comparison to the ESW9's. The ESW9's appear to be more detailed, with more sub bass and a generally more refined sound. That's not to say the HPH-200's aren't any good - they have a benefit as far as comfort goes - much less "clampy". The HPH-200's do...
  2. psyllium

    Yamaha EPH-100

    Quote: How dodgy!   How did you pay for them?
  3. psyllium

    Yamaha EPH-100

    I am still waiting on mine from Audio Affair to be received in Australia. I have checked the Royal Mail tracking code they gave me and it says the item has landed in Australia on the 7th of June but I haven't received it and if I had, I doubt that there would be any update to the shipping...
  4. psyllium

    Yamaha EPH-100

    my audioaffair order has just shipped. woo hoo. :)
  5. psyllium

    Yamaha EPH-100

    i was wondering what the holdup was too... :) all good.
  6. psyllium

    Someone put an end to my IEM frustration.

    the yamaha eph 100's at exeltek are now on backorder, eta July :-( i suppose they will be worth the wait when i finally get them :-)
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  8. psyllium

    HELP! My esw9 are broken. No no no! - how to repair headband ;-)

    I am thinking of super-gluing the part while I try and arrange for a replacement bit... and like others here, am wondering how the hell to dismantle the things. I can't undo screw 22 with the cup there in the way and I can't detach the cup from the hinge (17)
  9. psyllium

    HELP! My esw9 are broken. No no no! - how to repair headband ;-)

    Well, I'm going to join the 'ESW9 Broken Joint Case Club' as well. Anyone know the best way to get the replacement parts to Australia?
  10. psyllium

    Urgent: For working out and car-duty...anything I should look at besides iPod Nano?

    I'd be looking at a Sansa Clip instead... good for work-outs.
  11. psyllium

    Fiio E3/E5 vs. Total Airhead

    Quote: Originally Posted by Benaiir So the airhead sucks for the money? It depends on whether you value crossfeed or not, really.
  12. psyllium

    Equipment for DJing

    Quote: Originally Posted by DJGeorgeT Pioneer mixers are really not good sounding. For good sound, you should go the Allen & Heath route or Urei 1620. The new digital Pioneer mixers (DJM700/800/1000) are heaps better sound quality than the older ones (DJM500/600). But yeah those...
  13. psyllium

    To raise 8k frequencies on a 5-band equalizer

    If you got a player that is rockbox-able, you can set the EQ parameters in that as well.
  14. psyllium

    The Day the Zunes Stood Still

    Quote: Originally Posted by kmhaynes Yeah, I'm a computer program Aha! I always suspected it! :P
  15. psyllium

    Please help - Best headphones for big beat music

    I like my Audio Technica ESW9's for psychedelic trance... would have generally the same musical elements with faster speed (130-150bpm)
  16. psyllium

    To raise 8k frequencies on a 5-band equalizer

    Sorry... you really can't do it... you'll have to just drop the bands around it. What are you trying to play through?
  17. psyllium

    iBasso D2 loses an output channel when USB.

    I reckon it might be the port sensor on the line input socket. I had the same problem with my Total Bithead. Plugging in/unplugging a line input a few times fixes the problem temporarily.
  18. psyllium

    Equipment for DJing

    Go either CD's or something like Serato Scratch... you'll save heaps on vinyl purchases + transport thereof... As for a mixer, DJM800 is nice, industry standard, good sound. Works well as a DAC too.
  19. psyllium

    A very unusual portable rig, my traveling music box

    Quote: Originally Posted by MaloS I have a hard time figuring out why you didn't just plug the Sleek wireless directly into the line-out of the iPod... Yeah, I totally agree... The amp is only boosting a signal that will go through the air anyway
  20. psyllium

    Can't hear any sounds other than music with ASIO4ALL/foobar2k

    That is normal... this is because the software mixer is bypassed, leaving a pure clean audio stream for the music and the music only to pass through.
  21. psyllium

    Closed headphones under 100 and portable

    Quote: Originally Posted by Lil' Knight K81dj I agree
  22. psyllium

    Portable DAC and Linux

    I find I have less problems with my D2 Boa when I use the included USB cable, vs. standard A to mini-B cables. Maybe the included cable does some weird stuff with the power pins which makes it more reliable?
  23. psyllium

    Sound signature of ESW9

    Quote: Originally Posted by sidtai psyllium: Isolation isn't much of a problem to me because I already have HD 25-1 which isolates really well for portable usage. Btw from your sig I saw that you own the D1001 as well. How does the ESW9 compare to the denons in terms of sound signature...
  24. psyllium

    HD25's on the go? what amp?

    HD25's are notoriously loud... I don't think you'll have much trouble driving them straight out of a DAP, as I have before
  25. psyllium

    Sound signature of ESW9

    I have both the HD25 and ESW9. I much prefer the sound of the ESW9's. They don't isolate much at all though... but yeah, the bass is nice and full without being overpowering, the mids are fine and I find the treble to simply shine... Plenty of detail