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  1. timbo1130

    Best Head Phone Options for Rock industrial alternative etc under $500

    Hello everyone,   I currently own 2 pair of low to mid range head phones. The Sony MDR-7506 and the Sennhiser HD 598. I enjoy the sound stage, imaging and level of detail of the HD 598 but the lack of low end really leaves me wanting when listening to bands like Tool, Nine inch Nails, or even...
  2. timbo1130

    Xonar Essence STX vs schiit magni vs anything else less than 200 USD

    So I have a pair of beyerdynamic dt 990 pro 250 ohm head phones or I will monday when UPS delivers them. I currently have onboard audio which will not do at all for these headphones at least I have been told this. I tend to get obsessed with quality and i am afraid I may end up upgrading to...
  3. timbo1130

    DAC For DT990 250 Ohm

    I just ordered a pair of these cans from amazon and am looking into a good amp/dac as well. I have decided on 1 of 2 courses of action fiio e17 or Schiit Magni headphone amplifier with a xonar Dx sound card. I guess a xonar essence stx with the Schitt amp might be a good option as well. 
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