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  1. Strayngs

    17th Annual Rocky Mountain Audio Festival 2021 … October 8-10, 2021

    One of the largest audio shows in North America in Denver, CO. There is a Headphone show within the show called HeadSpace. I love this show as there are over 160 exhibit spaces (many manufactures have a hotel room set up with their products). This is a must go for me every year. Any head-fiers...
  2. Strayngs

    Hyland Headphones introduces 2 new models… Venus and Eclispe

    I stumbled across an exciting announcement today. Alex Hyland has introduced the Venus which is his new flagship open back and the Eclispe which is the company’s first closed back model. If you are unaware of Hylands Headphones, they are very well made and sound amazing for their price. Hyland...
  3. Strayngs

    Your top 5 Most beautiful full size headphones

    Thought this might be fun. To me the aesthetics are part of the headphone experience. They can be proudly displayed like a piece of art. Without further adu….here is my top 5. 1. ZMF Verite Open. With so many options to customize, I have to click on the picture every time I see one. The base...
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    How important is the look of your headphones?

    I have went through A LOT of headphones in the last 2.5 years. I like to make sure my wife visually is accepting of my gear. My amps are “pretty” and I definitely gravitate to headphones that catch my eye (and maybe more importantly my wife’s). I love Kennerton and dynamic ZMFs And I will have...
  5. Strayngs

    Headphones and Turntables

    Do you guys use a turntable as a source? I mostly use my DAC and tidal. But sometimes I just love that pure analog sound using a Avid Ingenium. Let’s see your turntbales!
  6. Strayngs

    Headphones and turntables

    Do you guys use a turntable as a source? I mostly use my DAC and tidal. But sometimes I just love that pure analog sound using a Avid Ingenium. Let’s see your turntbales!
  7. Strayngs

    Elac DDP-2 and Discovery ds-s101g Music Server So little is posted here about Elac. I own both of these items and find both to be outstanding. First the DDP-2. Last year my power supply on my M2Tech Young Mk 2 failed. Lucky for me I had a...
  8. Strayngs

    innuos zen mini mk3

    I am looking to buy a new DAC and I ran across this. I cannot find any reviews or anything on this particular unit. It looks interesting as I am using a Bryston BDP-1 to transport my music to my current DAC that I am replacing. This unit says it has a DAC but I cannot find any information about...
  9. Strayngs

    ps audio stellar gain cell dac

    Has anyone had any experience with this DAC? I find very vague reviews on this, but there are no comparisons at all that I can find with DACs such as the Brooklyn+ or the Yggy. I am not really interested in the headphone amp portion as I have a Wells Audio Milo and a Pathos Aurium. I am looking...
  10. Strayngs

    Laptop sound card- Do I need a new laptop? (really long....sorry)

    Guys, first off I am limited in knowledge and new to head-fi. I have dove in head first though and I bought my first item (a Audeze isine 20) in January. So that is how “fresh” I am. So forgive the question if it seems stupid. From lots of trading and trying stuff out, I decided that a home...
  11. Strayngs

    Bookshelf speakers

    forgive me if I am ignorant. I am a newbie! I just upgraded my equipment and I have an Ampsandsound SE84/upgraded Leeloo on its way to me. It has an 8 ohm jack with an approximate 3w power output. I know nothing about speakers as I’ve been learning as much as I can about headphones. My question...