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  1. Audiophile1811

    Ear Muffs for ambient noise cancellation with IEM's.

    Hi. Does anyone use a pair of noise cancelling ear muffs (not headphones) for music listening with IEM's? I've been having a hard time trying to cancel out all the ambient noise in my house and I was curious if this would be a good solution. I just really need to know if there are any ear muffs...
  2. Audiophile1811

    Headstage Arrow Amp 4G?

    Is there going to be a 4th Generation (4G) model of the Headstage/Headphonia Arrow Amp coming soon? If not, when do you suppose Rob will update the Arrow?   I know I shouldn't be asking this but has the shipping changed at all? Thanks, A1811
  3. Audiophile1811

    FLAC Compression Level.

    What Compression level do you FLAC users use for your music? From 0 to 8, where do you keep your default compression level? Does it make a difference in audio quality and/or memory? Thank You, A1811.
  4. Audiophile1811

    How does this sound?

    I know every Audiophile praises the Bowers and Wilkins audio systems in the new Jaguar lineup but how do you think they compare to this? The Bang and Olufsen system in the Audi Q7 shared with the old A8. Put it in 1080p and just listen. (Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.)  ...
  5. Audiophile1811

    Shipping on Headstage Arrow 12HE 3G

    Hi. What is the average shipping time on a new Headstage Arrow Amp? Thank You, A1811.
  6. Audiophile1811

    Quick Question, Short Answer.

    What is the best site to purchase Shure's SE535s at the Lowest price? Thank You, A1811.
  7. Audiophile1811

    Should I buy them?

    Hi. Look, I've been doing loads of research for weeks now and I have made up my mind. I'm going to purchase a pair of Shure SE535s but I need some encouragement. Should I really buy these? I don't have any doubts about them, they're small, thay have style, they're portable, etc. but I'm...
  8. Audiophile1811

    Conversion Concerns. (HELP)

    Hi. I appreciate the replies on my previous thread, "Bit Rate Converter," but I just wanted to know one more thing. If I download music (MP3s) at a bit rate of 320kbps from a site that doesn't guarantee it's lossless but convert it with a "lossy to lossless audio format converter" will the...
  9. Audiophile1811

    Short Audiophile Music Lisc.

    Hello. I thought it would be a good idea for you Audiophiles to make a small list of your favorite music. This would be for anyone who is new to the serious music world and it would help them understand how much better our choices of music are compared to the average listener. There are two...
  10. Audiophile1811

    What do you use?

    Okay, I'll keep this simple.   I use my computer as my primary music source right now. I plan on buying an S:flow2 in late December.  For those who own a portable music device or especially an S:flow2, what program do you use to sync your music in a 320 kbps, lossless format into your...
  11. Audiophile1811

    Looking for Audiophile headphones (over ear)

    Hi. For the past few month I've been debating whether I should buy a pair of full size Sennheser's excellent HD650's of Shure's SE535. I like, or rather love, everything about these headphones except for a couple of things. The SE535s are great and would be a dream come true but I have been...
  12. Audiophile1811

    Will this effect my music?

    Hi everybody. I am the type of person who enjoys buying my music and then downloading it to my computer but I have one concern about this. I fear that the location or source where the music was downloaded from can cause disappointing sound quality if not from the right site. For example, if I...
  13. Audiophile1811

    What is the best audio source for my computer?

    I need the perfect music/media player for my computer that can deliver Audiophile sound at a high bit rate, 320kbps, while at the same time be compatible with a long range of Music/MP3 Players.  I know that a very common program used is Windows Media Player, but is there any other? One that...
  14. Audiophile1811

    Favorite Portable Setup

    Hi. I personally don't have a setup of my own but what's yours?  Now, I'd like to know what your favorite choices of MP3 player(s), Portable Amplifier(s), and of course, headphones are for all your personal use outside home or for traveling. Rank them please. Thanks, A1811  
  15. Audiophile1811

    What's the best site to buy any Audio equipment?

    Hi. I've been looking for the right place to buy Headphones and I need a good site that sells Headphones, Amps, DACs, etc. for a very low price. What would you recommend? Do remember, they must have a good return policy, decent shipping, new and used products, good sellers, everything; a very...
  16. Audiophile1811

    What's so bad about noise cancelling headphones?

    Seriously, what is it that so many Audiophiles dislike about properly priced ($300 - $500) noise cancelling headphones?  I know it's the sound quality but how bad are they to deserve all the negative complaints? Can a brilliant yet well designed pair of NC's like Denon's AH-NC800 be any good...
  17. Audiophile1811

    Best pair with Headstage Arrow Amp

    Hello. If I buy the Headphonia/Headstage Arrow portable headphone amplifier, what Music Player/MP3 should I pair it with? A Cowon J3, Nationite S:flow2, etc.? Thanks, A1811