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    update: tomorrow I'm finally joining the army. Anyone else here joined the army since I opened this thread?
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    The "I'm excited about..." thread: post about anything that's got you stoked!

    Quote: I'm drafted (every male that at the age of 18 is drafted for 3 years, females for 2 years).  But I was joking, i'm looking forward to it, most of my friends already joined the army so I'm pretty much bored these days. 
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    Music for work

    Hi... I work at this pizza place and I'm tired of listening to the same playlist for a year, the same songs all the time. So I wanna make a playlist on my iPod with music that are mainstream that everybody will like. mtv music, hip hop (like b.o.b), pop (like rihanna) and other music like...
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    How do you cope with stress?

    smoking hookah with friends or simply hanging out with friends..
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    Fedex, USPS, and UPS rock out! Where were you for 9/11?

    I was in 4th grade as well.  I just came home after playing football (I live in Israel, it was about 6PM at the time of the news report here - Israel is 7 hours ahead of NYC) I remember my mom and my two uncles watching TV at the kitchen and my mom said there was a terrorist attack in NY, I...
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    Who here is a high school audiophile?

    haha I'm no HS'er any more :) graduated at July :D now I'm just working and having fun till March/April when I join the army.. 
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    Best way to get from Toronto to NYC

    I don't know, it depends on  the difference in the price and the length. Is it possible you do me a list like this: Plane - price: $$$ time X hours Bus - price: $$$ Y hours  etc. Thank you
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    Best way to get from Toronto to NYC

    Hi.. Me and a couple of friends are planning a vacation in NYC.  We'll be staying at my friend's aunt's apartment near Central Park.  Before we get to NYC we'll be visiting 2 friends that will be in Toronto (we're flying in from Israel). So what's the best way to travel from Toronto to...
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    Who will win the FIFA world cup?

    Quote: "soccer" lol   
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    Facebook search tip..

    That doesn't help. FB has the worst search engine :S
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    Facebook search tip..

    Hi.. I have this friend that I've been searching on FB since yesterday. I know his exact name and that he lives somewhere in Minnesota. When I search for the name I get hundreds of results with so many not being the same name.  For example, if I search for David Smith I get results for...
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    Shipping up to London

    Quote: Yeah, we Israeli soldiers do look like Satan.. :)
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    Shipping up to London

    I don't really care about the money. It's a last trip before I go to the army for at least 3 years so I wanna have fun. I'll check all your recommendations, if you have more please don't be shy!
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    Shipping up to London

    So, me and a couple of friends will be graduating in two weeks and we want to take a 4-5 day holiday to London. We're thinking of going in September, just as the flight prices drop after the summer. We just discussed it and quite frankly, we have no idea what there is there to do.  I mean...
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    Who will win the FIFA world cup?

    I'm rooting for France but I think Spain will win so I voted SPAIN
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    Irish Rock (?)

    Hey... I'd love to get some suggestions to music like "Flogging Molly" or "Dropkick Murphys".. Thanks!
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    Anyone seen Porcupine Tree on the current tour?

    There coming here in the summer, post here your review so I'll know if it's worth the $$$.
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    So Who’s Been to Jail?

    this one time, my brother was accused of murder and was sent to the chair. so i planned this breakout plan and tatoo'd it on my body. i staged a bank robbery and got sent to my brothers prison. long story short, we broke out with a few other buddies.
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    Can you name the 50 states?

    Hey guys. A friend of mine asked me if I could name the 50 states (she can, she lived in Seattle for a few years). Anyways, I started doing a list and the first 28 were easy, but then it started getting hard. After 37 stated I gave up and checked the internet. I think it's quite good for...
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    post pics of your headphone set up and listening area

    Quote: [table] [tr] [td] Originally Posted by 03029174 [i]Just moved house and finished my dream listening area. Oh and GREAT listening area
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    Amsterdam trip

    Quote: Originally Posted by Drag0n Wow, what a time to join the army. I hope its because you want to fight for your country and not for a career move. I dont know if youre in the USA, but if so, i hope youre joining for the right reasons. If youre a smoker, be careful what you put...
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    Predators are getting bolder- A terrible loss.

    I'm sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and your family.
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    Where iPhones, or mob.phones in general, been made

    I have a Nokia 6120c and according to this it was built in Finland
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    Your fears and phobias.

    I'm not afraid from insects (roaches and stuff) but when I first notice them I flinch, then I relax and step on them :P They still disgust me. Besides that, after seeing a horror film it takes me about a week or so to "recover". After I saw The Shining I was afraid to stay home alone. But I...