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    Uploaded files (pictures) not working

    I've just placed two classifieds but pictures not uploading, I've managed it before so not sure what the problem is.
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    Cyrus SoundKey portable DAC

    Couldn't see athread for this so thought I'd start one. Claims to have low drain on phone battery, but no mention of DAC being used. I've ordered through...
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    Fischer Amps FA-4 XB or InEar Stagediver 3

    Read alot on both these iem's but still struggling to choose one, many people been able to compare?
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    A little confused over Amp/Dac combos.

    I'm a little confused over a purchase I've made and am looking for someone to explain it to me. Bear with me on this, over the years I've owned many different Iems, daps and portable Amps but never a DAC or DAC/amp combo. In the last couple of weeks I've bought a Sony PHA-2 amp/dac. I bought it...
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    Budget of £180 in the UK - German Maestro, Soundmagics or one of many others! Help

    Ok as stated in title I have a budget of around £180 to buy new headphones. All of my headphone experience is mainly IEMs. Currently using either Phonak 232 or AKG K3003. My only real experience of full size headphones are my Shure 440, I like them but would like to go up a level or 2. My...
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    Thinking of buying Westone 4, advicd needed.

    I'm on the verge of buying the Westone 4 but unsure wether to buy the older model or the new removable cable version, anybody able to give an opinion on wether there is any difference in sound quality? Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
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    Minerva MI-3 Custom IEM, Review and thoughts.

      A while back I started a thread on the high cost of buying custom iem's in the UK.  In the thread a company called Minerva was suggested to me who were selling customs for approx half the price of ACS who are the other custom iem maker in the UK.   After reading the following threads -...
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    Dual/triple driver custom or Westone 4 - some advice please

    A few weeks ago I started a thread on high cost of customs here in the UK. Now it's my 40th next month and my other half is going to help me fund either the Westone 4 or Minerva Dual or Triple driver customs. At the moment I use either um3x or ie8 both of which I am happy with but always been...
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    Customs dilema - High cost in UK and do I even need them?

      Hoping for a bit of help/advice with this.  My IEM journey has been around 6 years and taken in many brands, been fun at times listening to different signature sounds.  For the last few months been enjoying the Westone UM3x and thought maybe that was the end of the road for me.  However we...
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    Dilema - Ortofon E-Q7 or Monster Pro Coppers

    I'm going to buy one of these next week and need a little help deciding. Currently own IE8, which I'll be keeping. Source is ipod touch and mustang amp. Was more or less decided on the Ortofons but then started reading the threads on the Coppers and now cant decide. As much as I love...
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    Shure SRH440 - Impressions

    Starting a thread on these headphones, as far as I'm aware only one person has bought these so far on the forums. Ordered mine today from iheadphones for £69.99 which is £30 cheaper than anywhere else here in the UK. Will be here tomorrow so will give an account on how they are out of the box...
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    Just about to buy a Asus STX, couple of questions.

    After much reading on various sites I've decided to buy the Asus Essence STX soundcard, got a couple of queries to ask before i take the plunge. My PC does not appear to have any molex connections for me to power the STX, my graphics card(a PNY 9800gt) is powered by a type of connection i...
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    Help me choose a small DAP for the gym - Sony or Zune

    I use a 80gb Zune for my main listening but require something a bit smaller and flash based for using at the gym. I like the sound from the zune and am tempted to go with the 8gb zune but also tempted by either the sansa clip or sony s639. Anybody give me some ideas on these. Will be using...
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    Futuresonics Atrio M5 v2 + Shure se530, a little comparison.

    Thought i'd write up a little comparison between these 2 iem's(at work on a nightshift and nothing better to do!!). Over the last 2 to 3 years i've been working my way through the majority of iem's trying to find the 'right one'. From Shure e2c right through to the triple Fi's, although i...
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    Shure SE530 vs Sleek Audio SA6 vs Triple Fi's - My little comparison

    Just thought I would post a little mini review/comparison of these 3 Iems. I own at the moment the SA6 and the Shure's and have recently sold the Triple's so they are talked about through my memory of them which isnt ideal i know. First off, i loved the sq from my triple's but was one of...
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    Advice on portable amp for Triple-Fi 10

    Recently i bought the Triple-Fi iem's to go along with my ipod touch. Looking to maybe purchase a new amp for this little setup. In the past i've used the Headsix with ety er4p and a xin supermini3 with atrio M5's. both times i found the SQ iomproved with the amp. However at the moment i am...
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    New DAP - Stick with ipod or go elsewhere?

    At the moment I am using a 2nd gen 2gb Nano with a Headsix amp and Ety Er4's. I could do with more memory but dont want a hard drive based dap. I've tried the Cowan D2 in the past and quite liked it, but found the playlists etc a tad lacking. Now do I go for the 3rd gen 8gb Nano or...
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    Need help choosing an amp for er-4p.

    Hi all I've just started using these iem's(er-4p) and i really like the sound detail from them. I've read here that they sound even better with an amp driving them. I've got the s adaptor cable with the phones if that makes a difference in choosing an amp. I have owned 3 amps in the past...
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    Yet another help me choose an IEM thread(Sorry!)

    Currently using AL im716 and V-Moda Vibes. Looking to buy some new IEM here in UK, I have a budget of approx £150. Through searching here and reviews i've narrowed it down to either Shure E4c, ETY ER4p, UE sf5 pro or the Future sonic M5. I use a Cowan D2 and listen to mainly...
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    Help needed obtaining parts for AL IM716

    Wasnt sure where to post this request but thought i'd try in this section. I bought the 716's when amazon had them on offer with the help of a member here as amazon wouldnt ship to the UK. I now need new filters and a filter tool. Altac Lansing wont ship to UK and the Euro site doesnt stock...
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    Help needed obtaining im1716 filters etc

    Hi Managed to get these earphones when they were on offer on amazon a few months ago from a member here who bought and had them delivered to me in the UK. Problem is that i now need some replacement filters and flange tips but cant get them delivered from Altacs website(they will only...
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    Altac Lansing im716 - Just arrived and first impressions.

    First time i've tried a little review so bear with me, dont know a lot of technical terms but will try my best! Read about thes phones on these forums and decided to buy them at the $70 offer price on amazon, these phones are not available in the UK. Amazon wouldnt ship to UK but forum...
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    Line out problem on both my new ipods!

    Having problems with both my 30gb 5G and 2gb nano. Line out isnt working for music. On the nano there is no output at all and on the 5G the sound is crackly and varies if you move the connection to the ipod. Both work fine for charging and connecting to laptop but not for out putting...
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    5G ipod line out - have my ears gone mad!

    Ordered the dock from apple uk last thursday, arrived on monday. connected to my nad 320bee amp and found that my music(encoded at aac 320) sounds better than cd's through my pioneer 717 transport and Audio Alchemy DAC. How is this possible? Have my ears gone mad?
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    Got my er6i's today-thoughts on them

    Well after weeks of debating with myself i ordered a pair of er6i's yesterday and they arrived this morning. Here's my thoughts on them so far. I bought these to replace my e2's and after a brief listen i dont think i'll regret it. Build doesnt seem quite as sturdy as the shure's but will...