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  1. drizzt

    New Shure SE215 - First Impressions

    I am really considering getting my gf these so she leaves my UM1s alone and i was wondering has anyone gone running with them? They seem to fit everything else she likes in IEMs with the punchy bass and non fatiguing  highs but she does want to be able to work out and run with them. Thanks for...
  2. drizzt

    Gado Bowl pad mod for free

    Nice mod. I know wearing the bowls for prolonged time can get irritating. Thanks for posting
  3. drizzt

    What is your age/occupation?

    23, Cheesecake Factory Restaurant employee, working toward management there. Hopefully within a year I'll have moved up.
  4. drizzt

    Eskuche 33 and 1/3 Headphones

    Hey shyp, if you are looking at the porta pros and haven't bought them yet I saw them in the Best buy circular for $10 off.
  5. drizzt

    What does your equalizer look like?

    I enjoy my music with it off.
  6. drizzt

    Grado sr225 wallpapers

    Awsome wallpapers Axe. Keep up the good work.
  7. drizzt

    Announcing HeadRoom's All-New Website

    Great looking site. Like it better than the last. Just a heads up on your "top noise blocking headphones" the grado gs-1000i are on the list. Not sure if they're meant to be because of low volume listening but they definately do not block noise. Thanks for all the hard work on the new site. Hope...
  8. drizzt

    Head-Fi / Audiophile Clichés

    If burn-in threads count then I think all of the bose and dr dre ones should to. i swear put either of those in your thread title and it will get pages of hits because everyone in here will talk about how bad they are.
  9. drizzt

    Post pics of your builds....

    I love the coleman's mustard PixelJedi. Defenitly one that I have not seen yet.
  10. drizzt

    Tough Question

    I would suggest the IEM route as well. Can't beat the isolation and no batteries are required. And as a student they are extremely easy to take care of and easy to use. They can be thrown in your pocket when you need to go and study without having to worry about a big carrying case. Anyway good...
  11. drizzt

    post your grado mods....

    That's some sweet looking metal work there bass nuts. Looks light yet sturdy.
  12. drizzt

    New hybrid amp by Little Dot, I+

    Just got this amp in last week and I am more than happy so far. Just using the stock tubes and op amp for now until I can save some more money. They really do compliment the grados nicely. I think the nicest part has to be that the sr-80s highs aren't fatiguing any more. Also David is stellar to...
  13. drizzt

    Post Your Fishing Exploits (or just comment)

    Quote: Originally Posted by dj_mocok What do you mean oversized? I thought you only throw the juvenile ones? In my area, a legal redfish can only be up to 27"
  14. drizzt

    I love hip-hop and I love hearing my 2 Alpines bump in my SUV

    Have you considered saving a little more and maybe getting beats by dr. dre. Their bass might be more up your alley since they are geared for rap
  15. drizzt

    Post Your Fishing Exploits (or just comment)

    Went out the other weekend and caught a 33", 12lbs redfish. Sadly had to throw it back because it was oversized.
  16. drizzt

    What Came In The Mail Today?

    Monster iCable mini to rca for my new LD I+. Now just waiting for my LOD to come in.
  17. drizzt

    Best open headphone for rock.

    I'd say the Grados since you just want the heaphone for that genre. You seem to be set for other genres so the grado 225s for around $200, $150 easy used is a good deal.
  18. drizzt

    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    Just got back from Barnes and Noble with a new book. The Pirate King by R.A. Salvatore
  19. drizzt

    i love my grado 60's but..

    start in the middle with ur thumbs on top and just slowly bend the headphone out. as stated you can bend it back
  20. drizzt

    Most Universally Praised Headphones on Head-Fi?

    Since a price point wasn't established, I'd say the px-100 and the portapros are almost always liked as cheap entry level and portable headphones. Highly recommended on head-fi
  21. drizzt

    Is the "virtual haircut" an example of soundstage?

    This sounds good with headphones but I think my IEMs sound better
  22. drizzt

    Best open headphones under 50?

    a pair of used grado sr-60 can be found at that price and there are lots of mods to do to grados that really aren't that hard to do. I think amazon has used ones close to your price range too.
  23. drizzt

    Rate the video games you're currently playing

    Cod: world at war. 9.5/10 addicted to online multiplayer. Play all the time. Can't wait for modern warfare 2
  24. drizzt

    Ipod classic with amp?

    I'd work on your music collection first. As said by Defective, cds to a lossless format are an easy way to get good music. The reason I say fix your music first is because as your source, amps, and headphones get better you will be able to tell more and more how bad compressed audio sounds...
  25. drizzt

    Grado and Sennheiser factory view

    I agree with haloxt. Fraseyboys's pictures should be in the original post. It clearly shows that bad photos were chosen by the OP to make grado look bad. Everyone should look at those pictures before commenting.