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  1. timbo1130

    Looking for recomendations of albums to purchase. Any good streaming music services as far as quality goes?

    I havent purchased any new music in years but I just got my new headphones today (DT990 pro 250 ohm) and I will be getting my new sound card and amp in later this week. I used to listen to NIN, weezer, Korn, Linkin Park, Fort Minor, Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, Seether, Shine Down, Marylin...
  2. timbo1130

    Best place to get lossless qualty music? Good head phones for working out/gym that arent IEM? Cheaper is better.

    I need some sugestions on headphones to go on walks with and also go to the gym and lift with. I dont really like in ear monitors. I really dont want to spend more than $50 us and absolutely wont go over $100 since I will use them only while working out about 1 or 2 hors a day max. I was...
  3. timbo1130

    I just paid for my first pair of serious head phones now I need to know if i made the right call. Do i need an amp? DT990 pro 250

    Hello everyone I have been reading this forum for a good long while now but just now got on here to get some feed back on my first major head phone purchase. I have always enjoyed listening to music and watching movies with great sound and I am also a PC gamer although I do not spend as much of...